By: Scalable Networks  09-12-2011
Keywords: Software Products, Problem Resolution, Simulation Solutions

Before any battle, strategies and tactics are planned, equipment is tested, and personnel are trained to ensure they are prepared for any situation and enemy response scenario that might occur. 
The goal is battlefield readiness. Readiness for the mission at hand, with the assets that are available.

But without Command & Control, this effort is wasted. During every battle, assets need to be continually managed and directed in response to changing conditions. Without effective communications, objectives are at risk.Communications readiness means:
  • Planning how communications will be maintained during the whole range of "what if" scenarios (what if the weather turns bad, what if a unit is shadowed by terrain, what if the UAV relay goes down..)
  • Testing equipment inter-operability and situation response scenarios
  • Training personnel on procedures and problem resolution until they are fully prepared and confident

How can you do this without having actual rehearsals in theater?
With simulation solutions from SCALABLE.

SCALABLE software products enable you to create models of entire battlefield communications environments, and then run simulations of every operational scenario as many times as needed to ensure communications readiness.

Keywords: Problem Resolution, Simulation Solutions, Software Products

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overview - SCALABLE Network Technologies

SCALABLE offer a comprehensive suite of Model Libraries that cover an enormous list of protocols and waveforms, including WiFi, sensor networks, cellular, MANET, WiMAX, and satellite. Using a standard interface like HLA/DIS, SCALABLE can serve as the communications effects server for a SAF, providing realistic communications. Applications use the Connection Manager to run their network traffic over a SCALABLE software virtual network.


features - SCALABLE Network Technologies

Dynamically launch cyber warfare features on a software virtual network, including eavesdropping, radio jamming attacks, distributed denial of service attacks, and a variety of attacks detectable with 3rd party network intrusion detection software like snort.


a-pilot - SCALABLE Network Technologies

You will quickly have the actual hands-on experience to appreciate the resources to implement effective simulation solutions and the benefits of the results. If you have never used simulation software before, it is difficult to appreciate the nuances and subtle elements that make SCALABLE solutions so effective.


integration - SCALABLE Network Technologies

How do you really learn about equipment before you actually have it?With simulation solutions from SCALABLE.SCALABLE software products enable you to create highly realistic models of both the existing communications network and the new technology, enabling technicians and operations personnel to gain hands-on experience.


warfare - SCALABLE Network Technologies

Software virtual networks integrated with live physical hardware and software deliver highly realistic scenarios.Simulation becomes a platform to ensure communications readiness. Planning for attacks and counter-attacks, spoofing and intrusions, disruption and degradation. If information is compromised or stolen, missions fail. Warfighters and their supporting organizations. Cyber warfare is subtle and devastating.