Satori, LLC - Enriching the Customer Experience

By: Satori  09-12-2011

Satori can actually acquire you customers in addition to anything you are doing - and we actually can prove that using our technology analytics. 


Using our Live Chat advanced technology we can monitor, track and statistically identify those customers most likely to buy AND differentiate those from Self Serve customers so that we engage only "incremental" business.


We also provide an “optimized” communication methodology that tracks and monitors all communications to either existing customers OR prospects.

Campaigns are developed and run to Nurture existing customers OR Influence Prospects; the Data is run and analyzed through our data center; and we can even identify subsequent communications (message and media) based on their response to the earlier contact. We know that varying the media increases response rates up to 60% and Personalizing each message adds a full 1.7 points to overall program results.  These are relevant differences!  With mixed media, and the right system - Results are optimized!

You cannot get a higher level of interaction, timely and efficient
customer feedback, and ROI!  

We create meaningful "Nurture" campaigns and programs with you that will prompt greater Awareness, enable you to Up-sell more features and benefits, and build greater customer loyalty. We are endorsed by the Nurture Institute as a leading provider of systems that engage the customer and create the SATORI moment for its clients. 


Your existing customers need help when they need it and wish to be left to their own volition when their intent known.

Our Live Chat Interactive Support accomplishes this while guaranteeing to reduce cost and improve satisfaction.

If your customer wants to come to the site for an easy technology resolution OR an upgrade sale of a service - their satisfaction and in fact the results are reduced if they are intercepted by subpar technologies trying to impress them with proactive service.  The facts are that customers that want to self serve - want to self serve. They are turned off by an intervention they did not desire and in fact data suggests they buy less and their life cycle reduces.

Our technology can determine those intentions using statistical predictive modelling and we can differentiate those who need and want help from just those who just need it.  The results - Lower cost and higher satisfaction.


 We also can utilize our technology to take care of existing customers with intelligent web systems, and our ability to provide 1-1 Marketing expertise.

We will build a campaign that will Nurture your customers, identify when they need assistance, and provide the lead data to your organization to actively make a difference.

These campaigns can be quite sophisticated in that mixed media and intelligent decision trees based on the customers response indicate the message and the media of the next contact.    These campaigns can also be set based on segmentation of the customer base.  These set campaigns still nurture customers to build loyalty, and upsell services.