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By: Satori Software  09-12-2011
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Our address management solutions deliver just the right level of address quality and postal presorting power for your business. Compare the major features; then call 800-553-6477 for an in-depth analysis.

MailRoom ToolKit
Integrated Solutions

Bulk Mailer
Desktop Solutions

Floating window for rapid address entry      
Support for rapid address entry
Address management tools designed for Microsoft Office applications      
Address management tools for integration with a database, website or application    
Desktop mail preparation in a wizard-based application      
Multi-user environment
Client/Server architecture      
CASS Certified™ for address validation
Corrects spelling and updates addresses to official USPS® standards
PAVE™ certified postal presorting
First-Class Mail®, Standard Mail® & Periodicals
PAVE certified advanced presorts
Package Services, Mixed Weights, Palletization
  optional optional optional
PAVE certified Firm Bundles presort    
MAIL.dat support   optional optional optional
Built-in real-time Move Update interface for NCOALink® updates   optional optional
Graphical mail piece designer    
High-speed printer support and drivers  
Prints USPS forms, documentation, barcoded sack and tray labels  
Supports International Datasets
Developer Center with sample code
VB, C, C++, C#, ASP & more
Toll-Free Technical Support per contract per contract unlimited

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Satori Data Services - Satori Software

Updates addresses using sources other than the USPS® NCOALink® data set, including magazine subscriptions, catalog houses, insurance and credit companies. These codes are required for USPS High Density and Saturation postage discounts, which can reduce postage up to 8 cents for each mail piece. Complements SuiteLink® processing, which appends unit numbers for business addresses, to further reduce undeliverable and misdirected mail.


Bulk Mailer Series: Desktop Mailing Preparation Solutions

This next generation of the Bulk Mailer series sports a sophisticated new interface and the option to upgrade to a Microsoft® SQL Server database for faster performance with the largest address data files. The only change-of-address method that updates address lists BEFORE the mail is printed and sent, NCOALink processing meets USPS Move Update requirements for First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail® discounts.


Products: Contact Data Quality and Mailing Solutions

CASS™ and PAVE™ Gold certified Bulk Mailer includes address correction, duplication elimination, postal presorts and reports, barcoding and real-time* change-of-address processing with 48-month NCOALink® data. Maintain the integrity of your address data to reduce undeliverable mail and packages and even stay in touch with customers when they move. Ensure accuracy with point-of-entry verification.