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Experience Freedom!

In this Volume, our exploration pays off and answers are in no short supply. You are about to enjoy a catalogue of explanations that cover every reference to Satan in the New Testament. Together, we will see there is a way to make sense of the Satan in the Gospels. The Bible you have sitting on the shelf may indeed use the words Satan, devil, demon , and unclean  spirit . But even though those crisp white pages are full of English words, something about understanding the Satan has been missed. It seems those words have fallen short of explaining the Hebraic meaning underlying the words and terms passed on to us. The resulting English translations have slightly missed how the original speaker intended his words to be understood. But we can move towards a safer understanding of Satan.

As you leaf through this volume and explore the explanations offered for New Testament references to Satan, I would like you to keep something very important in mind. Be assured that even if my explanation takes you away from what you have believed about Satan before now, take heart because you are on your way to freedom--a freedom that has been out of reach until now; a freedom that offers some of the greatest benefits you have ever imagined possible. Join me on this quest for freedom and I guarantee you will grow in ways that will enrich your life. It won’t be long and you will understand the Creator better, as you enjoy the unabashed truth about who and what “the satan” really is.

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