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By: Saskatooncomputers  09-12-2011
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You don’t have to pack it up! We come to your home or office. Services we provide

  • Office/home network
  • Remove viruses
  • Adware/spyware/homepage
  • Fix Internet connections
  • Repair
  • Maintain
  • Upgrade
  • Install

The vast majority of our work comes to us from referrals from our long list of satisfied customers. Call today to join this happy group of people.

We have always taken pride in ourselves for the great service which we give to our customers. We are here to help you solve any computer problem you may have, whether it be hardware, software, networking, or anything else. We can get the job done!

Mobile Computer Solutions allows you to decide:
• We can make an in-home service call to your home or business, and solve your problem right at your desk; or
• You can decide to bring your computer to us for service. This is great for fixing computer problems when you don't have the time to spend with us in your home. In most cases we can get your computer back to you next-day. sometimes even on the same day!
We provide the following computer services:

  • Sales - Purchasing a new computer can somtimes be a nerve-wracking experience. Let us guide you through the process and take all your worries away. Whether you purchase from us or have a favourite vendor, we can advise and help you make the right decision for you. A new system can be difficult to setup, especially with similar looking cords and cables. It can also be difficult to walk through procedures when setting up a new computer with a new operating system. We are available to setup a new computer (right out of the box) for you, advise as to the best setup for the home or office environment, and can make sense of the various screens and steps required to setup a new system.

•PC Tune-Ups -A full inspection, full service Tune-Up improves PC performance and stability. Maintenance needs vary from computer to computer. Services We perform may include, but are not be limited to: freeing of hard disk space and system resources, installation of windows updates & security patches, installing or removing Network Components and much much more. Turn your slow PC into a clean running sytem again.

• Hardware Support -Great improvements can be made to your system by installing, replacing, or upgrading your PC's hardware. Professional installation saves you time and money by eliminating calls to tech support or having to return your item. We can install any of the following items at a very low price: Floppy drive, CD-ROM, DVD Player, CD-RW, Video Card, Sound Card, Modem, or USB port; and anything else you reuire.

  • Software Maintenance- Like cars, computers run best with regular tune-ups. If you fail to maintain your car, eventually you will have serious problems or your vehicle will completely stop running. The same goes for PCs. Failure to maintain your computer's health can cause it to malfunction or completely quit working altogether. We perform PC tune-ups and take preventive measures that provide you with a stable and secure computer system. Whether or not you are experiencing difficulties with your PC, regularly scheduled maintenance is absolutely essential. Poorly maintained systems often show these signs:
    • System crashes and lock ups
    • Overall slow PC performance
    • Trouble connecting or frequent disconnects
    • Frequent error messages or the blue screen of death
    When it's time for a tune-up, every system will have different needs. We can schedule you for a regular maintenance call. You don't have to worry if your system is in need of attention or just a reboot. We have maintenance plans available to suit any customers needs.

• Software Support -If you are experiencing problems with Windows or any other software, call us! Computer malfunctions are a common occurrence, and can require troubleshooting to root out the cause of the problem. System diagnostics are an integreal part of every repair.We will perform a diagnostic analysis and repair all problems.

• Installations -Complete setup of a new or existing computer system (hardware and/or software). Expert setup saves you unnecessary wasted time on the telephone with technical support staff and/or returning purchases to manufacturers and retailers. Any available customer information will be transferred from the old to the new system. NO data loss is our guideline.

• Upgrades -In the ever-changing world of computers, you will probably need to upgrade your hardware and software every now and then. Consult us for advice on what you should be upgrading.

• System Clean -Having this service performed, makes a computer like new again. We partition and format the hard drive. Reinstall Windows, all system drivers and applications, returning the system to a new state.

• Virus & Spyware Removal -Viruses have become increasingly complex and virus infections involve more system elements than ever before. Viruses can obliterate data, corrupt programs so that they no longer run, stall servers with e-mail bombs, and--in the case of the "We Love You" worm virus; replace files, steal passwords and infect address books as it propagates itself. All infections should be removed immediately to protect your privacy, and data. Spyware has become the worst of all infections. It can steal your information, monitor your surfing habits and cause major system malfunctions. Both of these infectious programs should be taken very seriously.

• Physical Maintenance -Dust build-up on the internal components can lead to several problems. One is that dust acts as a thermal insulator, which prevents proper system cooling. Excessive heat shortens the life of system components. Additionally, the dust can contain conductive elements that can cause partial short circuits in a system. Insure your system has a long life by providing it with the professional cleaning it needs. In the more serious cases it is advisable that we bring the system to our workbench for a more thorough cleaning.

• Computer Tutoring -

• Common Questions -Questions are answered about our computer services and about tech support in general. Don't hesitate to call.

• Contact/Booking –To contact us to book an appointment or for more information, please refer to the CONTACT page here on our website.

If you need a service that we cannot provide, one of our network of trusted partners will be able to afford you the same high standards of expertise and service that we are proud to endorse.


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