By: Sarel Electronics  09-12-2011
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Even during repair and regular maintenance, business must go on, patients must have access to care, economic institutions should be involved in the trade and dispersal of stock and money. Power down is time lost, broken appointments, money divested, and quite possibly, lives lost as a result of missed or late diagnosis.

Sarel Electronics' specialty is uninterruptible power electronics,we design (OEM), procure, install and service seamless transfer switches, uninterruptible power supplies, uninterferring maintenance bypass switches and various ups battery appliances. Because we are Electronics Engineers we can work in a variety of industries, and can provide unique retrofit solutions. See for a sampling of the types of clients that have entrusted us.

Products by Sarel Electronics Span from customized parts to full components to fully installed electronic and computer solutions.

For over a decade, Sarel's main product line consisted of high power UPS's and switches. Today, in addition to providing this, we can provide custom software, component monitoring via network, and instant alarms to technicians on shutdown of systems.

Keywords: Bypass Switches, Maintenance Bypass, Procurement, Transfer Switches, Ups Battery,

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Transfer Switch Repair - All Switch types, APS, SSTTS, STS, Maintenance Bypass Switch, Uninterruptible Power Supply, ups batteries and all other Power Electronics and related components. Consultation for in-house maintenance, planning, & power related disaster consolidation and prevention including Single Point Analysis.


SSTTS - Solid State Open Transition Transfer Switch Switching, ATS Upgrade path, single

SSTTS allows you to switch between sources without interrupting the load, you can conduct testing of real-world conditions without risking total system failure or reset. Critical Power Systems: Process, medical, telecommunications, IT, security and other industy loads cannot tolerate even the briefest of disruptions to process flow.


UPS battery tester. Impedence test of Batteries. Cell Analyzer. flooded. Battery charger. High Capacity batteries

The CRA is a portable, multi-purpose instrument that is indispensable for the ongoing preventative maintenance of battery systems used in UPS, telecommunications, data-center and other applications. The instrument is plugged into a standard 120V, 1 phase outlet and performs as an AC or DC constant current source depending upon the setting of a selector switch.