Sarah O'Dea - Custom Art & Painting

By: Sarah O'dea  09-12-2011

Here are some of my works of art.

"Swiggle Sheep"  (16"x16") price $120

"The Clothesline" (4 feet x 1 foot) price $225

"Three Chicks out for a Swim" (20"x16")

price $125

 "The Frog Prince & the Fly in Trouble"

(approx. 20"x20") price $150

"The Little Crooked House" (12'x12") price $75

"Snail Coming Through!" (12"x12") price $75

"Emma's 1st Communion" (14"x18") price $120

My prices start from $75 upto $300 and can be bought as is or made fresh with a personal element added. For example, a child's favorite stuffed animal can be hanging from "The Clothesline" or a name of an older child placed on a t-shirt.  "The Crooked House" could have your house number placed on it or it could be your child at her 1st Communion or as a flower girl.

  • Some grown up samples as well:

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