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By: Sara Ashe  09-12-2011

Tuesday, 02 August, 2011 09:10 Written by Sara

Yesterday started with 5 minutes of prayer on my back deck followed by another 10 minutes of watering my thirsty flowers around the yard.  I avoided the inside of my home because it was really overwhelming to think about the hours of housework that needed my attention.  Sound familiar?  By the time I came into the kitchen to fix Madac a bowl of cereal, I could feel the dark cloud in the air.  You know the one where you KNOW will turn into a storm.

Hubby voiced what I knew and saw.  My home was a disaster and looked like I didn’t care.  I was so overwhelmed by the clutter, the filth, the toppled up dishes, the insanity of my fridge and the hazy space of each room.  I was full of fear, fear that I couldn’t handle it all.  I have lived years with low energy and the thought of draining myself physically literally drained my energy. 

Imagine that!  The thinking drained my energy not the physical work.  At least not yet.

Not a moment after the storm, my sister called in.  She offered to help me clean, my home.  We worked all day.  We turned up the music, had a few laughs. 

Having faith in a fear commits part of our energy to that fear.

When I let go of my fear of cleaning I was rewarded with more energy, more creativity, more healthy space and joy in my day.

Cleaning the clutter and moving past fears opened up my creativity.  I’ve been stuck on salad inspiration for weeks until last night!

Crispy local romaine
1 small golden delicious apple
handful of fresh peppers (red, yellow)
Local juicy berries (I used blueberry and raspberry)
Handful of raw pecans
Left over feta cheese

Mix all in ingredient together. Toss with your favorite dressing.  Mine included olive oil, apple cider vinegar, honey and Dijon.  So beautiful, so tasty, so joyful!

Hey mama’s!  That’s right, you!  What do you fear?  How will push through your fear?  How will you create your beauty today?  Let’s hear it.

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