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By: Sara Ashe  09-12-2011
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Saturday, 26 March, 2011 11:52 Written by Sara

I remember loosing my muscle mass weeks after a life threatening surgery.  At the time I was being fed through a feeding tube. My muscles started to atrophy. I eventually would eat on my own but it would take a little time for my muscles to build up again. The key was in the protein.  So how much protein do we need?

Months after my surgery my hair was falling out by the handful, day after day.  My looks, my ego, my tears wouldn’t  change the fact that I needed more protein.  I asked my doctor, hairdresser, physiotherapist, even the internet why my hair was falling out.  Still no answers.  I was eating the protein.  So what about the protein?

It was when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis another few months later that my holistic nutritionist, mentor and friend suggested I eat nutrient dense, local, free-range meats three times daily.  She guided me towards building my immune system, thyroid and red blood cells.  So why so much protein or was it too much?

Our immune system, our red blood cells, our thyroid and  adrenals are made up of protein that form anti-bodies to help fight infections, increase circulation, and make hormones.

Some people may thrive on little protein, others require consistent consumption of protein to stay healthy.  After being a vegetarian and “carboholic” most of my life I made a conscious choice to allow animal meat back into my life. I am thankful everyday for the animal sacrifice made so that I could heal my thyroid, immune system and enjoy my beautiful life. 

Our bodies change through the seasons of our lives.  Clearly the needs of a growing child, pregnancy and an athlete are different than those of a sedentary person after retirement.   When the body is recovering from illness or stress the body needs protein to rebuild.

My thyroid is healed!  My energy is high and so I’ve transitioned to a maintenance phase in life.  I nourish myself every day with protein sources from vegetables, nuts, seeds, animal meats and grains.  Since we are each in different phases of our lives your needs may differ from mine. 

To calculate your average RDA of protein:  Weight in pounds divided by 2.2= Weight in kg.  Example  115 lbs/2.2= 52 grams of protein


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Keywords: Thyroid

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