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By: Sap to Syrup  09-12-2011
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Well there has been quite a bit of activity in the bush in the last little while. We have been working non stop for the past two weekends. We now have the evaporator in the building, nothing really hooked up yet but boy are we happy that there is no chance that a branch will fall on it. I can also tell Mike how I hit it with a golf ball as there does not seem to be any real dents or dings since we took it out of the uhaul.

We also tore everything out of the old shack, rebuild the floor and now our sugar shack will be much easier to keep clean.

Things are moving forward now, summer is over and it is time to Gear UP! Get it done!!!!!

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It is getting so close I can almost taste it, I can’t wait to get up north and start boiling. It turns out this year might start off sooner than I thought. Servers me right for trying to plan my work schedule around the season.

Lots more to come!

So I have my plane tickets booked and I am ready to head up north to do some sugaring. I must admit I am a bit apprehensive as it is getting rather late in the season. I am going to be heading up on April 1st  and staying until April 12th.

It looks like I am not going to be completely getting away from my work. There are a few things that I am going to have to take care of up while I am up there. The on thing that I am NOT looking forward to is Dial up internet.

I have not been able to get a hold of Bill yet, I am sure he is pulling some long hours getting ready for everything to hit. I have talked to a few people up north who say that the weather is still cold and that there is still 2 feet of snow. I really hope it stays like that, come on winter hang on.

This year I am going to be taking a lot more video and I have a new tripod to make it easier so look forward to some interesting videos.

only a few days left now.

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Hey all right so I have added the header here, great stuff. Now I have to get the blog roll going. link some people in.

This is going to be a blog to keep track of the syrup season in 2008

come back all the time for FUN ADVENTURE AND STICKI-NESS.

ooo yum

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We now have the evaporator in the building, nothing really hooked up yet but boy are we happy that there is no chance that a branch will fall on it. Anyway I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who purchased maple syrup over the holidays It is really going to help this year. This way you have constant consistent heat in order to use your hydrometer or hydrotherm in order to tell what the density of the liquid is.


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Mixed GreensHalved grape tomatoesCucumber dicedRed pepper dicedChicken breastBosc pear cored and thinly slicedDave’s maple syrupOlive oilBalsamic vinegarGreen pepper corn mustardSea saltFresh ground PepperFeta cheese. Add 2 tbsp of Dave’s Maple Syrup. Medium heat for 5-7 min. Add pear slices on top.


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Running and evaporator efficiently is no small task, it may seem like nothing is happening but you have to keep things “dialed in” or you loose your fire, flood the pan or burn the syrup. I think Mike was the happier one of the two of us as he had been living in the sugar shack night and day for almost two weeks before we showed up.


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This reminds me of some friends’ kids who were visiting and decided to put real maple syrup on their pancakes rather than fake stuff. I was listening to the point today on CBC and heard these crazy guys talking about affordable maple syrup for all Canadians. I invited a couple of friends up from Toronto to see what Maple Syrup was like, they worked like crazy and had a good time.