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By: Sandy Garnett Studio  09-12-2011

Curator’s Statement by Sandy Garnett

As a career fine artist I have explored the landscape in a number of styles over the past fifteen years. When asked to curate a landscape show a traditional display was my first thought, but as I walked through the studios of my fellow Loft Artists a more contemporary show began to emerge.  Landscape faired better than the painted figure in recent art history as Modernists began to deconstruct traditional art making elements out of their work to explore new ways of seeing and making. This deconstructing mechanism brought the Impressionists, Post-Impressionists, Fauves, Cubists, Futurists, Surrealists, Dadaists, it migrated to New York and gave birth to Action painting and the Abstract Expressionists. One can remove a figure from the picture plane but the picture plane remains and is itself a landscape after all.  Clement Greenberg talks about the flat surface but color field for example is a ‘depth of field’ which belies any argument of flatness. The conceptual flatness of painting on a board or canvas has been there since the dawn of painting, but when I look at a Pollock I see the ‘illusion’ or ‘reality’ of deep space on one plane.

Landscapes involve the illusion of deep space on a flat plane so I find parallels between the movements and mediums in art’s canon where space is concerned.  Photographs two-dimensionalize a three-dimensional world while they can simultaneously elicit endless space. Traditional landscape sets the deepest space of all perhaps, for how many miles deep can a painter fall his audience into? What makes the viewer’s eye meander from the foreground to the background, from one shard of light to the next?  ‘Landscapes on the Mind’ was designed to balance disparate genres and mediums into a fluid meditation on the recent ‘mindscapes’ of contemporary artists and how these works explore the landscape of space.  LAA artists in ‘Landscapes on the Mind’ include Mary-Louise Long, John Newcomb, Dana Scinto, Cate Leach, Lynda James Carroll, Susan McCaslin, Liz Squillance, Elaine Best, Kevin Robinson, Wendi Ohlson, Judith Lambertson, Francine Funke, Jane Petruska, Lina Morielli, Alan Judelson, and Alissa Siegal.  Thank you for looking.

Sandy Garnett has been promoting and curating his own shows throughout his entire professional career.  Now he curates shows for fellow artists and for regional art organizations and institutions.  Garnett is well versed in the selection of appropriate work, logistical responsibilities for timing of installations, installations and hanging of exhibits, curatorial statements, press releases, and capturing a show photographically.

On a related note, Garnett is equipped to shoot art and design catalogues for artists, bodies of work, installations and exhibits when time permits.


2011        MONSTERS IN THE CLOSET, Loft Artists Gallery, Stamford, CT.

2009        SMALL WORKS (Curated with Lina Morielli), Loft Gallery, Stamford, CT.

2009        DRAW ON (with Lina Morielli), Loft Gallery, Stamford, CT.

2009        RENEE KAHN RECENT WORKS (with Lina Morielli), Loft Gallery, Stamford, CT.

2008        SMALL WORKS (with Lina Morielli), Loft Artists Gallery, Stamford, CT.

2008        PIVOTAL MOMENTS, Loft Artists Gallery, Stamford, CT.

2008        LANDSCAPES ON THE MIND, Loft Artists Gallery, Stamford, CT.

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