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By: Sandy Anastasi  09-12-2011

This reading costs $300. Call to book an appointment. (941) 743-0800.

Call to book an appointment. (941) 743-0800. $300.

This reading is done in two sessions. In the first, an astrological chart is drawn for the death of the person who has crossed over and another for their birth date. A chart is also drawn for the birth date of the person getting the reading. Additional birth charts may be drawn up for other family members who also to be considered.

The death chart is then read relative to the deceased person’s own birth chart and the other birth charts being considered. This gives me insight into the circumstances surrounding the person’s death, and how his death affected him and the person getting the reading relative to soul growth and emotional impact, as well as how and if it will affect the client’s future.

To do this reading I need the date, time, and location of death for the individual who has crossed over and his date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth. I also need the date, time, and place of birth for every other person considered in the reading.

The second session is geared toward and focused on the individual that has crossed over, what he may now be doing on the other side, where his continuing journey will lead him and how that may or may not affect his loved ones that are still here.

Call to book an appointment. (941) 743-0800. $500

Call to book an appointment. (941) 743-0800. $300.

Call to book an appointment. (941)743-0800. $300.

  • All readings may be done in person or by telephone.
  • Prices listed are for over-the-telephone readings during Sandy’s regular office hours. Prices are subject to change during out-of-town travel and readings scheduled around workshops or events.
  • It is my pleasure to make an audiotape of your reading for you, but I’m sorry that I cannot guarantee the tape. If you are concerned about making sure it comes out all right I encourage you to tape it yourself as well.
  • I do make sure that all tapes leave my office intact and working, but clients are responsible for recording information on their own. My tapes are only a courtesy. If for some reason the tape malfunctions and I am aware of it, I will tell the client immediately so that they can make notes of the session while it is fresh in their mind. However, if a tape arrives at a client’s home damaged or blank I can not be held responsible since I can’t control the post office shipping conditions.
  • Please be ready to reserve your reading with a credit card to hold it; I am sorry but if you need to cancel I require 24 hours notice or you will be charged for my time.
  • Please note that refunds for readings will not given, however, if an appointment needs to be canceled or moved, and is done so at least 24 hours before the scheduled day, we will certainly offer you a different time and date for an appointment with Sandy. All readings canceled after the 24 hour deadline will still be charged for Sandy’s time.
  • Please note that there is a $5 per minute overtime charge on half-hour readings.

Paypal Payment Option

By popular demand! Individuals who have scheduled appointments with Sandy can now use the convenience of paypal. Simply book your appointment and either discuss payment options with Sandy’s personal assistant, or come back to this page and submit your payment.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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