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By: Sanare  09-12-2011
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Sanare | Holistic Guidance

Holistic Approach to Natural Health and Wellness

With a holistic approach to natural health care, a holistic health practitioner simplifies the entire process of natural healing and wellness for you.

Holistic guidance can help you and inspire you to choose simple yet significant changes in your life that deliver the real results.

Holistic health practitioner will provide you with the tools to discover and heal yourself through healthy holistic living.

If you want to achieve long-term wellness with holistic guidance to personal health care and natural healing, a holistic health practitioner will get you there.

Personalized Holistic Approach

A personalized plan will take your health from where it is today, to where you wanted it to be: on a safe, effective and natural path.

By taking time to listen to you, a Holistic Health Practitioner will help you find your talents, skills, goals and your confidence, needed in order to achieve improvements in your life, whether professional or personal.

Benefits of Holistic Guidance

The benefits of having an individualized program begin with a focus on you, your concerns, needs and goals.

By examining inner motivations, you will be able to encourage spiritual growth which will help you conquer and manage mental congestion (stress, anxiety, depression…) and eliminate negative habits.

Holistic Guidance is a very personal experience and will help you find your inner identity or vitality which will facilitate in how you relate to those around you and your place in the world.

Holistic Guidance Sessions

Sessions will typically last 45-60min. and are generally conducted face to face. They typically occur weekly and the number of sessions is largely governed by client’s needs.

Our prices are:

Each visit: $90

Health package (5 visits): $400

Note: Holistic guidance must not be confused with counseling, as they do not offer psychological evaluation. Rather, they aim to positively influence individuals to be motivated, free of any blockages and ready to work on change.

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Keywords: Holistic Health

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