Sanare | Energy Healing To Overcome Addiction

By: Sanare  09-12-2011
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Sanare | Energy Healing To Overcome Addiction

Addiction is usually the result of a larger problem. Stress, depression, anxiety, low self esteem and even some mental disorders are usually the underling factor in addiction, which is a symptom and not in itself an illness.

Types of Addictions

Chemical addictions and process addictions are two general categories of addiction.  People often assume that because addiction begins with voluntary behavior and is expressed in the form of excess behavior, people should just be able to use will power to stop their addictions. However, in addict the brain has been altered by the choice of addiction.

Some common addictions include:

  • alcohol
  • tobacco
  • drugs – cannabis, cocaine, heroin, steroids, etc.
  • exercise
  • sex
  • eating
  • computers
  • work
  • gambling
  • shopping

Characteristics of Addiction

Addiction controls you, not vice versa. You become driven by the addiction and you think you cannot live without it.  Boredom, grief, frustration, sadness, rejection and failure are just few emotional issues that you try to escape from with use of your choice of addiction. Addiction takes money and time. As more you focus to control it you feel more energy depleted. It often disrupts your social, family, love, and work life, as well as damages your mental and physical health.  While the addiction brings short term pleasure, it can bring long term harm.

Withdrawal Fear of Addiction

Fear of withdrawal is one of fundamental forces at play in the power of addiction. After long use of choice of addiction, not just brain but body tissue develops dependence. The physical signs and symptoms of withdrawal usually associated with abrupt stop of usage, can be: tremors, sleeplessness, diarrhea, anxiety, sweating, loss of appetite, up to hallucinations and seizures in sever cases.

Substance Dependency and Relapse

Trigger-induced craving is one of the most frequent causes of drug use relapses, even after long periods of abstinence. Environmental triggers help explain why reentry to one’s community can be so difficult for addict leaving the controlled environments of an addiction treatment centre.

How Energy Healing is Beneficial in Addiction?

Energy healing helps to increase the level of energy in the body, and leaves you feeling relaxed, energized and in positive frame of mind. It unblocks energy and re-establishes energy flow in internal organs which stimulates, nourish and replenish them. In doing so it improves the state of internal organs, assisting everything from digestion, absorption, blood circulation and energy production activities.

In order to truly help someone who is suffering from addiction, energy healing involves seeking the tools that will help you attract your desires and find your personal power to manifest wellbeing on all levels and help you overcome the underlying problem that is causing the addiction.

Energy healing is beneficial in addiction control and elimination by:

  • increasing feeling of relaxation
  • reducing intensity of withdrawal symptoms
  • improving sleep patterns
  • freeing blocked energy in the body

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

The number of energy healing treatments required to treat addiction will differ between individuals.

How Guided Meditation Helps With Addiction?

New research is indicated that meditation can help decrease substance use and relapse. Meditation allow for a reflection on all repressed feelings and events, providing the space for them to come to surface, enabling healing process to take place by shifting brain activities from the stress-prone brain to more calming.

But, it’s hard to turn off your brain, especially for someone in recovery.  It is better to learn meditation from the teacher than from the book, tape or just sitting and focusing on your breath. By learning to meditate correctly, the increased awareness and mindfulness of meditation helps you avoid thoughts of substance usage, which can surface during recovery.

Other benefits of meditation in the treatment of addiction include:

  • Decreased feelings of anxiety
  • Decreased feeling of sadness
  • Decreased moodiness and irritability
  • Heightened concentration levels
  • Enchanting memory
  • Increased feeling of stability
  • Increased feelings of well being and vitality
  • Increased self-awareness

Keywords: Energy Healing, Meditation

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