Sanare | Energy Healing – For Cancer

By: Sanare  09-12-2011
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Sanare | Energy Healing – For Cancer

Cancer is perhaps the most feared disease. For many it is a death sentence, as there are few effective treatments.

Causes of cancer are:

  • environmental (toxins)
  • emotional (stress)

Cancer is not a problem!

According to Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s book German New Medicine, Natural Hygiene, Cancer is a solution!

Lothar Hirneise, author of Chemotherapy Heals Cancer and the Earth is Flat interviewed several hundred patients who were in the final stage of cancer and who are all healthy again today. He found three similar points:

  1. 100% of all survivals used energy work
  2. approximately 80% of all patients used nutritional change
  3. at least 60% of all patients did intensive detoxification therapies.

Energy Healing

Naturally when you find out you have cancer, you may begin meditating and reflecting on life. Some cancer patients change their life styles: change jobs, location, marital status, and attitudes towards life. An alternative start could be Energy Healing. Negative emotional states such as fear accompanied by shallow breathing and contracted muscles deprive the body cells from oxygen. Dr. Otto Warburg and Dr. Johanna Budwig have proven that high percentage of various cancers has its origin in the lack of oxygen at the cellular level. During Energy Healing, a practitioner can observe your breathing and advice you accordingly.

Stress causes blockages in the human energy field, which are viewed as the primary source of psychological and physical problems. During Energy Healing treatments, a person is able to relieve a wide range of issues including emotional issues such as depression, fear, panic attacks, stress and anxiety caused by cancer diagnoses, treatment and after the treatment diagnoses.

Energy Healing helps the patient to get moving, become active, and develop a constructive fighting attitude. Success demands discipline and effort. Each person needs to find his/her own path of healing. An Energy Healing practitioner helps in the process of making the patient’s own critical assessment of whether a particular treatment would truly be good for them.

Nurture Yourself

Cancer patients have been operating on low energy reserves.

Natural way of getting energy into our body is nutrition

Body nutrition is coming from three sources:

  1. Light is naturally our number one source of energy.
  2. Organic food
  3. Thoughts – our mental spiritual side is enormously important Cancer cannot exist without stress. There are a lot of debates on different types of stress – physical and psychological – but for cell it doesn’t matter where the stress comes from.

Detoxify Yourself

Tumor helps you to rid your body of poisons. Without the tumor you would be really ill. A tumor is an incredibly ingenious solution on body’s part.

When you get healthy, the tumor disappears on its own.

Tumors are “handy” toxin reservoirs and the body devices and uses to store surplus toxins out of general circulation. Based on the research of French Dr. Kousmine tumors serve as “toxin tanks” is confirmed by physicians such as holistic MD Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and others who report that tumor dissections have revealed large quantities of heavy metals such as mercury concentrated in the tumor’s center.

Energy Healing, proper Nutrition and Detoxification will help you to support your body to naturally self-heal as it is “designed” to do.

Keywords: Cancer, Energy Healing, Physicians

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