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By: Sams Carpet Service  09-12-2011
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With proper care and maintenance by our professional company, your carpet's lifecycle will be extended and its appearance preserved. There is nothing better than fresh, clean carpet. In fact, many manufacturers recommend professional cleaning to maintain warranties.

"Great job! Our carpets look 'showroom new'!"
-Ed P. O'Fallon, MO 

An outline of our Carpet Cleaning Process:

  • We use a powerful truck-mount steam extraction cleaning system that cleans deep into carpet fibers.
  • Carpets are pre-treated for any stains or smells. Careful attention to your concerned areas and using the latest removal technology.

  • Deep cleaning with an RX-20

    A carpet wand or a RX-20 Rotary Jet Extractor is used that can restore dirty, matted traffic areas. The RX-20 combines rotary cleaning with a steam injection/vacuum extraction system, making it the most advanced extraction cleaning system on the market today. This revolutionary machine allows us to thoroughly clean all sides of the carpet fiber.
  • A fresh water rinse is used so that there will be no sticky residue. Carpets will be left fresh, clean, and soft, and will not get dirtier faster.
  • Corners guards are used to protect walls.
  • Dry time all depends on the thickness of the carpet, the type of carpet, the volume of air circulation, the temperature, and relative humidity in the room.  After carpets are cleaned by our professional team, carpets will only be damp to the touch neither the padding or the backing will retain moisture and will take about a half a day to dry. Suggestion to improve the drying time is turning on ceiling fans, air conditioners in the summer or heat in the winter. Good airflow and comfortable temperature settings will dry carpets quickly.
  • We move most furniture carefully with furniture skidders as long as one or two technicians can move it and breakable items are removed. We then put back the furniture with protective blocks underneath to prevent rust or staining from occurring.
  • Our Professional Service Technicians will groom your carpet pile to assist in the drying process and reduces the appearance of matting and crushing.  Carpets will look refreshed and cleaned.
  • A final inspection will be performed with our customer making sure that all services were completed to their satisfaction.

How To Prepare For Carpet Cleaning Service:

  • We ask our customers to pre-vacuum and move all breakables and small items before we can move any furniture. 
  • Please bring to our Professional Service Technician's attention any spots or stains that may require special cleaning techniques.
  • Pin-up any full-length draperies so that they are at least 6 inches off the carpet.
  • Exterior doors will remain slightly open with our equipment and when our Professional Service Technicians come in and out of your home or business. This is important for our customers to be aware of for the safety of any small children or pets and for any customers visiting the business.
  • A special caution to our customers to use care when stepping off of the carpet onto a hard surface while the carpet is still damp, it will be slippery.
  • Try to avoid walking on the carpet while it's still damp so that the carpet pile will not matt down and/or to prevent from resoiling.
  • When the carpet is fully dry, you can remove any furniture blocks and dispose of them right away.

Sams Carpet Cleaning & Repairs cares about your experience with our company and to be the very BEST!  If there is anything we can do to make sure our services will exceed your expectations, please contact us.

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