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By: Sampers Financial  09-12-2011
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Successful business planning relies in part on knowing where your business is and where it is headed next. All businesses have a life cycle and go through stages of startup, growth, maturity and transfer. The way in which each business progresses through its life cycle is unique. There is no set time frame for each stage and no hard-and-fast rules for determining when a business is ready to make the transition from one stage to the next. However, each stage does have its own distinct characteristics.
We make it our business to understand yours. Our services are designed to help your business to be competitive, to capitalize on new opportunities, to manage your business finances and most importantly to maximize your business' potential. Success in today's competitive landscape requires owners and management to be proactive about both running their business today and planning for tomorrow. Managing and growing a business requires discipline, courage and persistence. SFI's corporate consulting team is built on long-term relationships. Our clients are those who partner with us to prepare for the future with innovative, thoughtful planning.
Even if retirement and your departure from the business is a long way off, understanding the process and thinking through the issues now will help you run your business in a way that will ensure that when you leave (either under your own will or under less fortunate circumstances) there is a solid foundation for the future of your business - and the people who depend on it. Imagine what would happen if your business suddenly had to continue without you, a partner or key employee. If you became incapacitated and could no longer work what would happen to your business? Would your family or your management team be in a position to successfully operate the business? If your successors had the opportunity to buy the business, where would they get the money? If a partner were no longer there, could you afford to buy his or her share? SFI utilizes a refined succession and exit planning process. This process has helped our clients develop successful exit and succession strategies that achieve their ultimate exit planning goals - the successful transfer or sale of their business. Working together with your accountant, attorney and other advisors, SFI can help you pull together the necessary elements of a successful succession plan.


Keywords: Business Planning

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