Why Samba Sensors

By: Samba Sensors  09-12-2011
Keywords: Mri, Pressure Monitoring, Intracranial Pressure

…with a quick and simple start-up procedure.
No specific preparation, like pre-soaking of the transducer, is needed. It’s basically just to plug in and start measuring right away!

…that is factory calibrated and doesn’t need any further calibration.
The only thing required is an automatic “zero baseline” set against the ambient air pressure before you start measuring. Simply push a button and you are done!…that is fully MRI compatible and completely insensitive to any EM/radio waves or electrical noise.
In the MRI lab you can perform real-time monitoring and simultaneously record both visual and physiological effects of for example a new pharmaceutical. The Samba pressure signal can also be used for triggering the MRI scanner for improved image quality and movie sequences.…that is extremely fast (but still extremely precise).
It can record ultra-fast trauma events, for example intracranial pressure events caused by collisions.…that can measure pressure both in gas and in fluids.
This means that your system has a very broad use; from airway pressures, intravascular blood and intracranial pressures to basically all types of physiological pressure monitoring related to life science and other research..with an easy-to-use self-explanatory user interface.
Instead of spending time learning and supervising complicated preparation, calibration and operating routines the user can concentrate on the experiment and measurement itself.

Keywords: Intracranial Pressure, Mri, Pressure Monitoring,

Other products and services from Samba Sensors


Samba 202 Control Unit

Samba’s unique pre-calibration concept has been improved even further by storing the transducer’s calibration information directly on its optical connector. Intelligent electronics in conjunction with fiber optics produce accurate data at high speed, making instantaneous pressure change analysis possible. Two fiber-optic transducers can be connected simultaneously for relative pressure studies.


Samba 200 Software Package

SAMBA 200 PROFILE SETTINGThe Profile Setting module permits the user to store predefined settings in the Samba 200 unit, including measurement frequency, pressure unit and absolute or relative measuring mode. The module imports data from the file stored in the internal memory of the Samba 200 unit, or can retrieve data files created by the Samba Data Collection Module.


Samba 201 Control Unit

Intelligent electronics in conjunction with fiber optics produce accurate data at high speed, making instantaneous pressure change analysis possible. The Samba 201 is a high-precision pressure monitoring instrument for stand-alone use. It is primarily designed to be used in life science research. The Samba 201 Control Unit is not yet approved for human use.


Samba Preclin 420/360 transducer

The Samba Preclin pressure catheters are ultra-fast, high-precision transducers with excellent dynamic response for monitoring basically any type of physiological pressures - both in fluids and in gas. Each transducer is calibrated at the factory and does not require any on-site calibration by the user - it's simply to Plug'n'Play.