By: Salescopilot  09-12-2011

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Andrew has the ability to sum up what a sales process should be. More importantly he can articulate this to others so it is easy to understand. It always amazes me how he can pinpoint the underlying issues a prospect is really dealing with so effortlessly.

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Sales CoPilot uses a process called Value Mapping that focuses the discussion on the customer’s reality, and where they are hurt by that reality, and then develops a roadmap to lead that customer to ask for a solution just like yours. The coaching focuses on bringing the competitive advantage to the sales team through the On-Boarding process in an organized Lesson Plan.


The Process

Use your competitive advantage to develop a sales conversation that clearly explains how you help customers to achieve their goals. Conduct talent evaluation and testing to identify weak team members and make room for better talent. Coaching and development of sales management to learn how to increase sales team efficiency. Using the lesson plan, teach the sales team how to position winning sales.