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By: Sakor  09-12-2011
Keywords: Electric vehicle, Vehicle Testing, Battery Simulator

Winner of the SAE2009 Technical Award for Hybrid Vehicle Testing Technology, SAKOR Technologies’ Hybrid Vehicle Battery Simulator and Test System is designed for simulating high-voltage batteries in an electric drivetrain testing environment as well as directly testing high-voltage batteries and charging systems.

SAKOR Technologies’ Hybrid Vehicle Battery Simulator and Test System goes well beyond typical high-voltage power sources previously available for electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid/electric vehicle (HEV) testing. Our customers have told us that when performing EV and HEV drivetrain testing, it is critical to use a power source that will accurately and repeatedly simulate how a particular battery technology will perform in-vehicle… regardless of charge state. Our Hybrid Vehicle Battery Simulator does all that and more, allowing them to gather consistent, repeatable, and accurate test data… something that is difficult or impossible to do with an actual battery in the circuit.

When testing of the actual high-voltage battery is required, the Hybrid Vehicle Battery Simulator and Test System, coupled with our DynoLAB EM Test Cell Supervisory System, accurately subjects the battery to the same charge/discharge profile that it would encounter in an actual vehicle, on any desired road course. And it does so with no rotating parts – nothing moves except electrons!

Standard Electrical Capabilities

  • Continuous power to 1,500 kW
  • Voltage ranges to more than 900 VDC (volts direct current)
  • Continuous current in excess of 2,800 amps DC
  • Transient overloads up to 200 percent for up to one minute

Safety Features

The integral safety features of the Hybrid Vehicle Battery Simulator and Test System continuously monitor the high-voltage system and automatically disable power in the event of most common electrical faults, including:

  • Isolation/ground fault
  • Short to ground
  • Reverse polarity
  • Voltage balance circuit eliminates inrush surges and component damage due to voltage mismatch

Turn-key Test System Capabilities

The combination of a Hybrid Vehicle Battery Simulator and Test System with our DynoLAB EM Test Cell Supervisory System constitutes a full, turn-key battery test system. Addition of one or more of our AccuDyne AC Dynamometers creates a complete, turn-key EV or HEV drivetrain test system. Since the DynoLAB EM is fully user configurable, the resulting system can perform all types engineering, production, and quality control testing, including:

  • Performance testing
  • Long-term durability testing, including 24/7 unattended operation
  • Complex vehicle simulation
  • Dynamic performance modeling
  • Road load profiles
  • All EPA, CARB, Euro, and similar drive cycles
  • Verification of IEEE, CSA, IEC, and NEMA motor efficiency standards

Keywords: Battery Simulator, Electric vehicle, Vehicle Testing,

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