By: Saint Maries Wireless  09-12-2011

Our Services

Want high-speed but not at a high price? Contact us NOW and we will create a package for you that fits your connectivity needs and your financial abilities.

Staying a step-ahead

Leader goes Network wide!

We have announced and mailed our notices that all customers are eligible to have their prices adjusted based on their internet needs. Please be sure to take adavantage of these services and call today!

Network control and security

We have implemented a new server that authenticates only authorized users on our network and also prioritizes the type of internet traffic being passed on the network. This will create a more user stable environment for all users and also assure there are fewer users abusing services. Please be patient with us as we get this new service fully functional.

Leader takes charge in network control!

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Average Basic user- 768kbps downloads and 128 kbps uploadAverage user / online video- 1.5Mbps downloads and 256 kbps uploadMulti-user / business- 3Mbps downloads and 512 kbps upload* speeds above are MAX, actual throughput may vary depending on connection and user activity