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Common at low to mid elevations in the mountains. Larger leaves grow from the stems than the Pasture sage. Is rhizomateous.

Climbing, sprawling, aggressive vine for sun or part shade areas. Grows up or out 20 feet, covering anything in it's way. Small white flowers..

The plant is a deciduous shrub found in open forests and thickets all over North America. Its northern limit is around the ..

Soft green to blue coloured bunch grass. Grows 30-80cm tall. Not seen regularly in grazing lands.

Bunch forming. 20-50cm tall Scattered but locally abundant at low to high elevations in grasslands, open forests. Likes well drained soils..

Growth habit: Densely tufted perennial bunchgrass, 30-60cm tall. Habitat: Common at low to mid elevations in dry open areas.

Type : Clump Size : 70/220cm Zone : Z5 Description : Molinia arundinacea belongs amongst the large grasses. Flowers define this plant, both..

Succulent fleshy, perennial 1-3 cm tall. Forms beautiful pink flowers. Works well in rock gardens. Considered a sacred plant by many indigenous..

Perennial 20-70cm tall. Yellow petals with orange to red center. Locally common at low to mid elevations throughout dry climates, arid basins and..

White flowering native yarrow suitable for dry gardens. Common Yarrow is an erect herbaceous perennial plant that produces one to several stems (..

Heterotheca villosa is abundant not only in the foothills and mountains, but also along roadsides. It needs little water, often blooms for three..

Taprooted perennial, 10-40 cm tall. Showy pink to white, fragrant flowers. Locally common at low to mid elevations in arid central and southern..

Clump forming perennial 10-40cm tall. Creamy colour flowers turning to a russet colour late May persisting through June-July. Provides excellent..

Growth Habit: Often mat forming, woolly perennial. 10-40cm tall. Shrubby form. Strongly aromatic. Ecology: Widespread and common at low to mid..

Biennial and short lived perennial. 20-100cm tall. 1-several stems showing, brilliant scarlet, showy tube like flowers. Common in arid climates..

Evergreen perennial shrub grows to 40cm tall. Spreads laterally in clumps. Great for borders and rock gardens. Blue- purple flowers, bell shaped..

For sun or part shade. Soft blue and white blossoms on 8 inch flower stalk. Plant grows 1-2 feet high. Leaves hairy and silky. Poisonous to..

White pubescent leaves spread low to the ground on woody stems. Flowers in late summer with white flower stalks. Creates beautiful white mounds.

Beautiful white fall flowering perennial. Branching nature creates a flowing white addition to any garden or xeriscape.  30-50 cm tall.

Purple petaled flowers with golden centers are born many to a stem in June to September. Reaches 1-3' in height.

Semi-evergreen shrubs, 4 foot shrub for sunny, dry site. Beautiful Grey foliage. Habitat is rocky or gravelly slopes in arid basins.

Mid size tree to 20ft tall. Branching nature creates a nice rounded look. Beautiful spring flowers lead to dark berries favoured by many birds..

Juniperus communis is a low spreading shrub. Common Juniper has needle-like leaves in whorls of three; the leaves are green.

Loosely branched shrub with stems fanning out. Reaches 8 feet tall. Can be seen growing on rocky outcrops and on hot, dry slopes. Is very drought..

Loose shrub with upright limbs fanning out at crown. Thrives in all soil types but gets leggy in the shade. Height is 6-15 feet, depending on site..

Holodiscus discolor is a fast-growing deciduous shrub growing to 5 m tall. Cascading clusters of white ..

For sunny, dry sites. Small, semi-evergreen, grey green leaves, yellow flowers bloom in fall. Grows to 3 feet. Drought tolerant and good erosion..

One of the easiest shrubs to identify throughout the year  smooth sumac has a spreading, open-growing nature, growing up to 3 m tall..

Description: small broadleaf evergreen ornamental shrub maturing at about 5' tall by 3' wide Foliage: emerging reddish, changing to..

Ribes cereum is a species of currant known by the common names wax currant and squaw currant. It is native to western..

These plants are shrubs or small trees growing to 1–4 m tall. The fragrant flowers are yellow. This..

Long lived large tree to 200 feet. Requires more water than Ponderosa pine but often found in the same areas. Needles 1 inch, cones 2-4 inches with..

Tree or large shrub, to 30 feet. Ideal for partially shaded areas. Habitat is moist soils, along canyon and mountain slopes in coniferous forests..

Upright shrub or small tree to 20 feet. Grey-green, scale-like foliage, dark blue berries. Habitat is dry, rocky soils. Very drought tolerant, but..

Ground covering perennial. Flowering from July-fall. Large yellow flowers open in the evening.

Our Inland's signature tree. Long-lived, grows to 100 feet or more. Needles 6 inches or longer, cones 3-4 inches. Distinctive thick, reddish,..

Type : Clump Size : 80/150cm Zone : Z4 Description : Strong vertical accent. Flowers emerge wine red, turning a rich tan colour later into..

Type : Clump Size : 40/70cm Zone : Z4 Description : Dark green compact globular habit. Later flowering (end of June) than other Deschampsia..

Hardy Pampas grass is a prominant grass and reaches heights of 8-10 feet tall. Its clump can reach three feet around. Great eye catching feature..

Type : Clump Size : 80/140cm Zone : Z4 Description : Bluish gray foliage with bluish tinted pink flowers. Whole plant turns pale yellow in the..

Korean Feather Reed Grass when mature arches out and creates an attractive specimen plant or can be used in groupings. 3 feet tall and wide.

Size: 100-150cm tall Description : Columnar habit, arching in mature clumps after four to five years. Red tipped foliage deepens and becomes more..

Shrub or Tree 15-20' tall. Zone 3 Good for specimen or screen requiring little care. Very hardy and tough. Dense foliage, bright red summer..

Type : Clump Size : 70/120cm Zone : Z4 Description : Light cream variegation. Flowers emerge wine red, turning a light tan colour into the..

For dry, sunny areas. Arrow-shaped silvery green leaves up to 10 inches long. Large daisy-like flowers in spring. Very long taproot. Does not..

Plant: ridgedly branched shrub, 0.5 to 2 meters tall. Outer seed coats used to make a purple stain for wood by the Montana Indians, Klamath, and..

Lower growing than its close relative Basin Sage, Mt. Sage grows to higher elevations and has a low clumpy stature when mature. Used in smudges..

Most common bunch grass in the Okanagan Basin. Very drought tolerant, bunch forming. Grows 30-100 cm tall. Great for re-establishing disturbed..

Keywords: Colour Flowers, Flowers, Open Forests,

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Korean Feather Reed Grass when mature arches out and creates an attractive specimen plant or can be used in groupings. Type: Clump Size: 70/220cm Zone: Z5 Description: Molinia arundinacea belongs amongst the large grasses. Type: Clump Size: 80/140cm Zone: Z4 Description: Bluish gray foliage with bluish tinted pink flowers. Hardy Pampas grass is a prominant grass and reaches heights of 8-10 feet tall.


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It is a common to abundant plant in many types of coastal and inland wetland habitat, such as marshes, riverbanks,swamps, coastal.. It is a deciduous shrub or small tree, depending on the environment, usually with multiple stems that reach 2 to 7 m in height.. Snowberry grows in shady and moist mountain and forest habitat, in woodlands and on floodplains and riverbanks. Grows up or out 20 feet.