Sage ERP X3 - Why Choose

By: Sage ERP X3  09-12-2011
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Sage ERP X3 - Why Choose

Whether you are purchasing an ERP management system for the first time or replacing your current system, selecting the best system for your business is a significant -- and often rigorous -- decision.

While it is unlikely that any system will meet 100 percent of your requirements, Sage ERP X3 is designed and built to satisfy the most important needs of mid-market businesses. Before you start your research, make a list of your top ERP priorities and must-haves. You’ll find Sage ERP X3 closely aligns with your needs—and includes valuable extras to for maximum efficiency, ease of use and ROI.

Only Sage ERP X3 provides all of the following capabilities:

  1. Functionality, not complexity.Sage ERP X3 proves that functionality does not require complexity. Sage ERP X3 provides best-in-class functionality that meets your specific requirements in an integrated design that is simple to implement and use across your business. That means a shorter learning curve for your users and a faster ROI for your bottom line.
  2. Integrated, not interfaced. Software integration means more than just applications that work together. Sage ERP X3 applications exchange real-time information, share a common database and user interface, and evolve together along with your business. Only Sage ERP X3 gives you both rich and fully integrated functionality across your business for accounting and financial management, purchasing, inventory, sales, customer relationship management AND manufacturing.
  3. Scalability, not add-ons. Scalable ERP systems expand along with your business without requiring costly upgrades or module add-ons. From day one, Sage ERP X3 provides your company with all the functions you need now and in the future at no additional license charge -- simply activate functions as you need them. Moreover, Sage ERP X3 delivers a multi-tier architecture that scales up to 1,500 concurrent users.
  4. Web-native, not web-enabled. Sage ERP X3 is a web-native system that can be accessed the same way in both client/server and Web mode—a requirement for businesses with remote users and offsite business partners. The advanced communicative architecture of Sage ERP X3 gives you an undeniable advantage when expanding over multiple sites or developing relationships with premier suppliers, partners or customers.
  5. Multi-country by design. Sage ERP X3 enables you to do business in nine languages and legislations – including China, Russia and Poland – and allows users to access the system in their own language wherever they are. Easily share common data and processes between foreign sites or subsidiaries while respecting their own specific usages and business rules. More than 3,000 companies worldwide already use Sage ERP X3 in more than 5,000 sites.
  6. Low cost of ownership. Sage ERP X3 provides pre-configured, out-of-the-box functionality and flexibility to dramatically reduce implementation and customization. The advanced features you need come standard and ready to go. There’s no better way to guarantee a faster ROI.
  7. Committed to customer success. With a business unit dedicated entirely to Sage ERP X3 operations in North America, Sage ensures you have the support of a proactive, responsive organizatio, backed by a world-leading business software provider and its first-class R&D centers.

Keywords: Erp Systems

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