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By: Saffar Foods  09-12-2011
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At Saffar Foods, we produce a variety of products including Bulgur Wheat, Skinless Wheat, and Tahini Paste.

Bulgur Wheat

Bulgur is produced by steam cooking whole wheat kernels and then drying and cracking them. It has a tender chewy texture. Bulgur wheat is used in making of such dishes as pilafs, tabbouleh salads, breads, breakfast cereals, Kibbe, and a variety of flavoured side dishes.

Bulgur wheat is becoming more popular as a meat extender for example in beef or veggie burgers. The wheat is high protein & low in fat.

We use the different kinds of wheat to make different kinds of Bulgur. The Canadian wheat we use is considered among the best wheat in the world.

At Saffar Foods, we make several varieties of Bulgur wheat that appeal to different pallets & cooking uses. The varieties include Dark Bulgur, Light Bulgur, & Yellow Bulgur. We also offer these in 3 grades of coarseness: #1, #2 & #3.

Skinless Wheat

Our skinless wheat is made from the finest Canadian Durum Wheat. It is available either cracked or whole. Skinless wheat is a traditional side dish in many Middle Eastern & South Asian countries. Sometimes called Gerrish (or Jerrish), the majority of this product is imported into North America from Turkey. As part of our new processing line, Saffar food is now producing Skinless & Crushed Skinless wheat in 50- 55 LB bags & shipped to r Distributors & Wholesalers through Canada & the Eastern & Midwest US.

Skinless crushed & skinless wheat is not pre cooked. Consumers cook it in various ways, being a main ingredient in soups & vegetable side dishes.

Traditional Indian recopies use Skinless wheat in “get well” recipes- sort of like C” Chicken Soup”.

Tahini Paste

Tahini Paste is produced in our plant using traditional stone grinding stations. The stones are imported from the Middle East. We roast & grind sesame seeds that are de-hulled & high in oil content.

The paste is sold in pails to food processors & restaurants as a main ingredient in Hummous, Baba Ganoosh, Falaffel, & several other Middle Eastern & Healthy salads, dips & side dishes. Our Tahini paste does not have any preservatives or colouring to ensure a pure natural tasting product base.

Private Label Opportunities

Besides Saffar Foods brand, we are please to offer our customers private label packs in all our products. All grain products are available in 50-55LB printed polypropylene bags as well as cello 907g printed consumer size bags.

Please contact us for specifications & quotes on Private Label programs.

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