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By: S.e.t.i. Imports  09-12-2011
Keywords: Steel, trailer, Security Locks

CTS® Container truck security, approved mechanical security locks.

Unique security locks, clearly geared to practical situations. Exceedingly strong and naturally V.I.P./TNO approved. As hard as steel and extremely user-friendly fitting. Simply hook the tempered steel brackets behind the rods of the container or trailer and slide the sections into each other. The hooks are locked with the unique Abloy padlock which drops into a steel casing when fitted.

Naturally, this also applies to the specially developed Trailer Ring Lock.
The trailer kingpin security device consist of a lock fitted on the kingpin. The lock is covered by a thick layer of rubber through which the turntable remains undamaged in the event of injudicious use by own personnel.

Keywords: Security Locks, Steel, trailer