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By: Ryan Healy  09-12-2011

As a list owner, I feel a certain responsibility to you, my dear reader. Therefore, it’s my goal to provide you with rich content mixed with occasional offers for products and services that may benefit you. Obviously, if I endorse somebody else’s product or service as an affiliate, then that means I’ve either purchased the [..]

How to Get Your First Real Copywriting Client in 14 Days or Less

I launched my freelance copywriting career on June 13, 2005. Much to my surprise, I landed three clients in the first two weeks. If you'd like to discover how I did it, 

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Product Creation

I've been using it for years to get top rankings in the search engines because it builds backlinks automatically. Our primary purpose was to discuss product creation. Way Links is one of my favorite link-building tools. I did a 1-hour interview with John Breese.


Lifestyle Design

This could easily save smart freelancers from getting ripped off and spinning their wheels with deadbeat clients. Sorry I’ve been more quiet than normal lately.



So when I began to create with my friend and business partner Ken Gary, I began to look around at other options. Fix this problem fast with the HONESTe Online Trust Seal -- proven to increase conversions by 17.6%.



The trick is figuring out how to turn those visitors into customers before your competition does.. It was about copywriting, advertising, and marketing.



Fix this problem fast with the HONESTe Online Trust Seal -- proven to increase conversions by 17.6%. You can plow through five or 10 chapters at a time and feel inspired, stimulated, and rejuvenated. I’m reading a great book called Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. Rework is a collection of brief one-page and two-page business lessons.



Have you noticed how many singers are using auto-tune these days. I've tried a number of link cloaking solutions through the years. I think it all started with Cher and her hit single “Believe.. “Do you believe in life after love?”.