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By: Ruff To Ready  09-12-2011
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Current Classes & Services

Train your Dog in a Positive Way and Have Fun!

Puppy classes allow your pup to develop canine social skills while playing with other puppies in a non-threatening and controlled setting. They will also gain confidence with strangers and other unfamiliar situations. This is crucial for your dog’s future learning. Topics covered  will be reliable recall; coming when called, attention and focus. Other topics covered are handling, basic manners, settle to a mat and the Trade Game-Prevention of Resource Guarding (To play the trade game with your dog you offer something enticing, and take what she has from her when she takes your offer, this prevents resource guarding. ).

Everyone wants a dog who will come back to them immediately when called. This class focuses only on teaching your dog to come when called. You must bring adequate reinforcement for your dog (food bits, toys) as there will be a good deal of work in a very short time!

Good behaviour is important for any family pet. These classes are designed for the dog who has little or no training. The foundation skills covered will include attention, targeting, having your dog come when called, sit, stay and down. You will also be taught a fun game for you and your dog called “shaping”!

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Ask about our in-home sessions!

I believe that training should be fun. involve the entire family, and that positive methods get the best results. My clients have commented that they love my relaxed, yet professional approach to solving their dog problems. I am devoted to ensuring that my clients receive the very best instruction possible.


Training your dog at home allows the training to be personalized according to your dog's actual needs.

Rather than being in a class where my attention is divided among many dogs and owners, one-on-one training is only about you and your dog.

Being at home means that behaviours are being learned and applied in the same place. Training your dog how to greet people at the front door, for example, is more effective when taught and reinforced in the environment where the dog is expected to perform.

And of course, sessions can be booked to suit your schedule.

In-Home Issues That Can Be Addressed
- puppy visits - before and after bringing your puppy home
- house training
- how to deter nipping/biting and jumping up
- how to manage over-excitability
- basic cues such as attention focusing, sit, down, recalls (come when called), sit 
for greetings, go mat, stays, loose leash walking, etc.

Keywords: puppy