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By: Rubendall Consulting  09-12-2011

Is your data safe?
Most companies perform their own backups. But, are those backup tapes in a safe place? Does someone take them off site Every day? Are the backups working Every night?Our Online Backup service can put your mind at ease. With our backup service you never have to worry if there is a fire, robbery, or other disaster that may take your company down (and your backup tapes with it). Your data will still be safe on our server for you to restore, or for us to send you a CD or CD's of your data to restore quicker.

Want easy recovery of files?
With traditional tape backups, you can have a hard time restoring a file. What tape is it on, when was the file last modified, and is it the one you want to restore? With our backup service, you get an Explorer like interface that lets you select what file to restore, multiple files to restore, and what version of the file(s) you want to restore. It's very easy to use and you'll wonder how you ever survived before it.

Need to restore Everything quickly?
Restoring files is a snap. You just open the program, click the restore tab, find the file(s) you want and the version you want and click restore. It's just that easy. If you need to restore all your data, we can burn a CD or CD's of your data so you can restore large amounts of files even faster.

Available only to Rubendall Consulting clients, contact us for more information.

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