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By: Rubber Product Distributors  09-12-2011

We are proud to offer on-line ordering and access to account information as a convenience to our existing customers!

You must be an existing customer to access this section of our web site.

Existing Customers:


What you CAN do on our site once you have logged in:

  1. Enter Purchase Orders - To begin, either hit the "Quick Entry" button, or begin the process by using the "Part Finder". The items that you select will be kept in your on-line "Order Queue" until you hit the "Place Order" button.
  2. View All Open Purchase Orders - Under the "Open Orders" tab, you can view all open purchase orders you have with Rubber Products Distributors. There is also an option to Expedite On-Line any orders that have not yet shipped.
  3. View Invoices - Under the "Invoiced Orders" tab, you can view any invoice that has been generated over the past twelve months. You also have the ability to print the invoice directly from this site!
  4. Track Shipments - You can access freight tracking numbers, and in most cases, link directly with the freight line to track your shipment.
  5. View Accounting Information - Under the "Account Summary" tab, you can view your accounts payable balance and aging, as well as your remaining credit limit balance.

What you


do on-line:

  1. Change Existing Orders - Once you have placed an order with us, either on-line or otherwise, you cannot make changes to that order on-line. In order to change an order, you will need to contact your customer service representative at 317-898-2511.
  2. On-Line Payments - We are not currently set up to receive on-line payments. We also do NOT accept Visa or Mastercard on-line. If you would like to pay by credit card, please contact Mike Cross at 317-396-1042. He will set up your credit card account so that your information will not need to be transmitted on-line.
Please remember, we have a $25 line item minimum order!
The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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