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By: Rti Electronics Ab  09-12-2011
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A Simple and Smart Solution for Measuring Reliability

We’ve made the complex simple. Cobia Smart is a simple-to-use instrument for checking that the output from an X-ray tube is correct. You simply place it beneath the X-ray tube, make an X-ray exposure, and rapidly get an accurate reading. The measured values can be read directly from Cobia Smart’s large and clear display, even from a distance. No adjustments are required, making it exceptionally easy to use.

Check and Go

Cobia Smart is perfect for anyone wanting to ensure that an X-ray device is functioning as it should. For example, Cobia Smart is ideal for checking fast and often that the kV and/or dose are not changing over time.

Rotatable Display and Smart Battery Indicator

Cobia Smart has a clear and rotatable display, so you can read off measurement results fast and easily – even from a distance. The innovative display even shows the results right way up in meas-urement situations where the instrument needs to be positioned upside down. The display also has a very useful, smart battery indicator that shows how much measuring time remains.

Only Pay for What You Need

There are three versions of Cobia Smart for measuring a range of different radiography and fluoroscopy parameters. Select the model that best suits your needs, and only pay for the parameters you want to measure.

Straightforward and Trouble-free

When we created the Cobia Smart, our goal was to develop a straightforward and trouble-free instrument that anyone could use. RTI has over 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of X-ray detectors, and Cobia Smart is a direct implementation of our high-tech knowledge coupled with what we have learned in the field.

Up to 10 Year Warranty

Cobia Smart is calibrated by an accredited X-ray lab and comes with an automatic 2 year manufacturer’s warranty when purchased new, with the option of taking out an extended warranty of up to 10 years. Meaning that you can feel very confident with your Cobia Smart for a very long time!

Cobia Smart

R/F – kV R/F Dose R/F kV & Dose
dose rate

Specifications Cobia Smart
Weight Approx 290 g
Size 138 x 76 x 27 mm³
Power source Internal battery
Battery life 10 – 20 hours
Display 320x240 pixel
Min. exp. time 0.1 ms
Auto-Compensation 1.5 – 45 mm Al Total Filtr. equiv.
Parameter Range Inaccaracy
Tube volt. 38 – 155 kVp ±2 %
Time 0 ms – 2000 s ±1 % or ±0.33 ms
Pulses 1 – 9999 pulses ±1 pulse
Pulse rate 1/6 – 180 Hz ±0.1 Hz
Dose 400 nGy–1000 Gy ±5 %
  50 μR – 100 kR ±5 %
Dose rate 0,4 µGy/s – 100 mGy/s, ±5 % or ±20 nGy/s
  50 μR/s – 11 R/s, ±5 % or ±2 μR/s
  3 mR/min – 700 R/min, ±5 % or ±0.1 mR/min
HVL 1.2 – 14 mm Al
  ±10 % or ±0.2 mm

Keywords: x-ray

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