By: Rozelang  09-12-2011

Voici 10 bonnes raisons d’apprendre une autre langue que l’anglais: Parce qu’il existe 6912 langues vivantes dans le monde Parce qu’il y a cinq milliards de personnes au monde qui ne parlent pas anglais Parce que nous ne voudrions pas d’un monde qui n’aurait plus, pour se dire, qu’une seule langue Pour pouvoir parler des [..]

Giuseppe Caspar Mezzofanti was an italian cardinal, born at the end of the 18th century, who spoke perfectly thirty-eight languages, among which were: biblical and rabbinic Hebrew, Arabic, Chaldean,Coptic, Armenian, ancient and modern, Persian, Turkish, Albanian, Maltese, Greek, ancient and modern, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, English, Illyrian, Russian, Polish, Bohemian, Californian; he spoke thirty other languages, less perfectly, and fifty dialects of the languages mentioned above. His knowledge of [..]

WELCOME TO OUR NEW BLOG! I could go on and on about the importance of blogging, the reasons why you should participate to a blog, interact, comment on blog posts. Instead, and because everybody knows that an image is worth a thousand words, let me just show you this… Laughing is acceptable, with moderation… I [..]