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By: Royal Oregano  09-12-2011

Holy (Blessed) Thistle
Holy (Blessed) Thistle has been used medicinally for over 2000 years, most commonly for the treatment of liver problems by supporting it in the release of toxins. It has been highly regarded for therapeutic uses and was cultivated throughout Europe and some say gained its moniker through its reputation as a 'heal-all', even credited with curing the Plague. It was in known cultivation as early as the mid-1500's.

In "Much Ado About Nothing", Shakespeare praises its medicinal prowess: "Get you some of this distilled Carduus Benedictus and lay it to your heart; it is the only thing for a qualm.. I mean plain Holy Thistle.. Therefore I counsel all that have gardens to nourish it, that they may have it always to their own use, and the use of their neighbours that lack it."

Mattheolus and Fuschius wrote of Carduus benedictus, saying

It is a plant of great virtue; it helpeth inwardly and outwardly; it strengthens all the principal members of the body, as the brain, the heart, the stomach, the liver, the lungs and the kidney; it is also a preservative against all disease, for it causes perspiration, by which the body is purged..therefore, give God thanks for his goodness, Who hath given this herb and all others for the benefit of our health.

Holy thistle products are still popular in Europe and the United States for various types of liver disease. Holy thistle is believed to have great power in the purification and circulation of the blood. It is such a good blood purifier that drinking a cup of thistle tea twice a day will cure chronic headaches. It is also used for stomach and digestive problems, gas in the intestines, constipation, gallbladder disorders, lack of appetite (not feeling hungry) and on the skin for treating infected wounds or ulcers. As well it is very effective for dropsy, strengthens the heart and is good for the lungs and kidneys. Some claim that the warm tea, made from Holy Thistle, given to mothers will produce a good supply of milk. That is why it is also called Milk Thistle. It is also said to be good for girls entering womanhood as a tonic.

In herbal medicine today, Holy Thistle is used to treat cancer as well as infections, heart and liver ailments, and fevers.

Persimmon leaves are a good source of important dietary antioxidants, such as vitamin A & C and flavonoids. It has been widely used as a tea in oriental countries. In particular, several tannins and flavonoids isolated from persimmon leaf were recently found to have antihypertensive, anticarcinogenic and antimutagenic actions. It is highly possible, therefore, that persimmon leaves may be developed into potential sources of natural antioxidants and therapeutic drugs.

Persimmon leaf is anti-allergic and anti-pruritic in composition; in other words, an allergy or itching preventive food. No need for antihistamines again. Furthermore, research has proven the therapeutic effect of persimmon leaf extract on those suffering from dermatitis. The preventive effect of persimmon leaf extract on the dermatitis was dose-dependent and a continuous intake of persimmon leaf extract significantly decreased its onset and development. There were no significant adverse reactions observed.

As well, studies have shown that supplementation of persimmon leaf improves lipid profiles and suppresses body weight gain in animals that were fed high-fat diets. It is also used topically in some beauty products to help to clarify the skin and eliminate dull and dark areas.

Marshmallow Leaf
Marshmallow Leaf has been traditionally used to soothe and support the intestines. Herbs high in mucilage (a natural gummy substance that does not dissolve in water) such as marshmallow, are often helpful for symptomatic relief of coughs and irritated throats. Marshmallow root and, to a lesser extent, marshmallow leaf both contain significant percentages of mucilage. Like other mucilage-containing substances, marshmallow swells up and becomes slick when it is exposed to fluids. The resulting slippery material coats the linings of the mouth, throat and stomach to relieve irritation.

Marshmallow has expectorant and demulcent properties, which accounts for this herb's historical use as a remedy for the respiratory tract, particularly in cases of irritating coughs with bronchial congestion and to alleviate heartburn. Marshmallow leaf relieves irritation by coating inflamed surfaces. Its primary use in modern herbal medicine is to relieve sore throat, but it also relieves perianal inflammation (when taken orally) caused by severe diarrhea. It also has mild antibacterial, anti-allergy and immune-boosting properties. Topically, marshmallow is used to soothe and soften irritated skin. Marshmallow leaf is completely non-toxic.

Malva Leaf
This plant is one of the earliest cited in recorded literature and was considered a perfect plant. Dioscorides extols it as a remedy, and in ancient days it was not only valued as a medicine, but was used, especially the Musk Mallow, to decorate the graves of friends. Pliny said: 'Whosoever shall take a spoonful of the Mallows shall that day be free from all diseases that may come to him.' All Mallows contain abundant mucilage, and the Arab physicians in early times used the leaves as a poultice to suppress inflammation.

Many species are edible as leaf vegetables. As an herbal mixture, it is commonly used for its colon cleansing properties and as a weight loss supplement. As well, this herb can help soothe inflammation in the mouth and throat and is helpful for earaches.

The seed contains mucilage, polysaccharides and flavonoids. It is demulcent, (soothes and softens irritated tissues, especially the mucus membranes) diuretic, emollient, (softens the skin) galactogogue (increases milk flow in nursing mothers) and is a gentle stimulator of the bowels. The seeds which have a sweet and astringent taste are used in Tibetan medicine. They are used in the treatment of renal disorders, the retention of fluids, frequent thirst and diarrhea.

From Tanya: 
The tea will definitely "let you know" if you ate something not healthy for your body. What comes out is not the same as usual anyhow. You know it is getting the bad stuff out from the color, textures, and smell. Laxatives can not expel such things like the Tea does. So there is no way to confuse it with that. There is nothing in the world that can clean out the colon, the most important part of our body, like Royal Tea.

From Joshua & Joseph:
I had pimples and nothing we did could get rid of them. My brother had worse acne than I did, and when we started drinking Royal Tea, the pimples just went away! Joshua, age 15, and Joseph age 13

From Maryssa:
I had very bad times trying to go 'poop'. something went wrong when I was born, and it was very hard to go to the bathroom. It was also very embarrassing. My two little brothers also cried alot when they were babies, because they had something wrong with them too, and couldn't go. They cried alot and the hospital and doctor couldn't do anything, but they told my mom and dad we should have operations. My mom found Royal Tea and gave it to us, and WE LOVE Royal TEA! We don't have any trouble going to the bathroom any more!  Maryssa age 10

From Royane:
Just to let you know Vanessa got her Tea in the mail on Tuesday afternoon  so yesterday would have been her first day using the Tea. She is really glad to be using it.  We are meeting up on Sun. as the phone so far has been our only link.  She works with the Colour Energy Corporation in Vancouver and has assisted me with colour energy to improve my health on all levels these last two months. I have used the Tea for 2 days, I find it very subtle, pleasant, not like a laxative, which it is not. I am having at least 3 cups in total per day with food. Almost feel like I need it stronger. Have used a herbal laxative daily for about 30 years. Also do cleanses but still know consciously that I have mucloid plaque and my skin is not a happy camper so there is much wonderful house cleaning to be done, and I am so grateful for the Tea so it can be finally completed and maintained.  I have followed the directions to a"T" hehe, should I have gotten the extra strength tea do you think? Also I am using 1 or 2 Vegan whole food meal replacements a day with lots of natural fibre so I drink my tea with that also. So what I am saying is, so far I am not getting interesting elimination yet as I am looking for the gradual elimination of old toxic material. Does that take awhile? I just made 4 days up first as my fridge is really crowded. I may make up the gallon next time and make it with the 3 teabags rather than the 2 tea bags. I am so enjoying the thought of it going in and making  me scrubbly bubbly clean all over. I imagine it eating up all of the foreign matter that is causing havoc in my joints and muscle tissues and slowing down my metabolism. The parasites and viruses have been given their walking papers and they are reluctantly preparing for the exit door. What funny happy thoughts we can have when we know we are no longer the host for a whole lot of deadbeats living off of our toxic waste. Well guys the party is over! Forgive me for being a Party Pooper but the time has come to leave gently and quietly.  Ahhh such a relief, such a release.   Thank you so much for your patience. Ronaye P

Tuesday at about midnite I passed about 30+ gall stones that I had been working on removing on and off for 4 years. Two weeks on the Tea and they passed softly thru the duct and out of my body. I had identified some of the pain from these last years, as pain along the gall bladder meridian. My husband is way impressed so there may be someone else on the Tea before long. Ronaye

Someone said, they go to the bathroom everyday anyway, and couldn't see any results of the Tea.  He re-ordered anyway.

From Marsha:
I couldn't raise my arm over my head for the past 4 years because of the pain. In less than two weeks on Royal Tea, I can raise my arm with NO problem! Marsha

From Joyce:
I started drinking Royal Tea on April 7th. The first thing I noticed was the acid reflux that kept me awake at nights just went away. Then the callouses went away on my feet, and my skin was soft and had a nice healthy glow. Then I saw how it was cleaning out my system, and I always thought I WAS clean! The different organs it was cleaning out was very interesting to me, as I am interested in health and healing. Thank you!  Joyce

From Ruth and Billy Hurt, Cedar Grove, TN
"I have been on Royal Tea for 12 years, both my husband and I. I had Crohn's Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and terrible acid reflux. I won't miss a day without drinking my Royal Tea. I used to have terrible knife-like sharp pains in my stomach from the Crohn's and IBS, and a great deal of discomfort from the acid reflux. Royal Tea has cleared all of this up, and I lost almost 30 pounds as well. My husband lost more weight than I did. I swear by the Royal Tea and would not be without it."

From Dr. Dennis Read, Jackson, TN
"As a member of the medical community, I was quite familiar with the causes, symptoms, and treatments available for Crohn's. I became much more knowledgeable in this regard as I became a victim of this so-called incurable disorder. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind as to the effectiveness and medical principals behind Royal Tea. I have experienced personally the pain and discomfort that results from Crohn's and I have also done exhaustive research into the possible treatments and cures. Royal Tea is the only viable solution I am aware of for treating and clearing up this dreaded disease."

From Ricky - Retired
Lost 265 lbs!

"This plan literally saved my life. The doctor has taken me off several of my medications. I lost 265 pounds and have maintained my weight for 2 years. It is the only of many plans I have tried that actually works!"

From Dawn McLemore, Henderson, TN
"I began drinking Royal Tea in September, 2006, and won't go a day without it now. I saw the results almost immediately, losing 52 pounds between September and December, and this was during the prime weight-gain season of the end-of-year holidays. After having tried pills, shakes, and about everything else you can think of, I am thrilled to have something that actually works and is so easy to stick to and easy to afford. I tell everyone who will listen that Royal Tea can help them.

Sally May - Real Estate
Lost 60+ lbs!
"Not only did the Royal Tea make me look years younger, I feel years younger too, and have more energy than ever. I tell everyone this is a 'must have' product."

Two Royal Tea bags will make one gallon and will last approximately one week for one person.

  • Bring a gallon of enhanced water (Filtered Water or Vitalized Water) to a full boil.
  • Turn off the stove and add two Royal Tea bags (three bags for extra strength) into the boiling water.
  • Cover and let STEEP for eight hours – this will bring the herbs to full potency.
  • Refrigerate and leave tea bags in container until finished.
  • Drink: (You may reheat the tea but do not bring to a boil.)
    • One 8 oz. glass in the morning
    • Two 4 oz. glasses in the afternoon
    • One 8 oz. glass in the evening
  • Alternatively, individuals with a hectic schedule may drink three 8 oz. glasses of the tea. (morning, noon and evening)

In cases with chronic diarrhea, Crohn's disease, Colitis and other inflammatory bowel conditions, boil 2 quarts of water and add 1 tea bag.  Start by drinking 1 oz. of tea, diluted in a glass of water, twice a day.  This will provide a gentle cleanse without over-exciting the intestines.  After 3-4 days, if no negative symptoms appear, slowly and gradually increase the dosage by one ounce, twice a day, every 4 to 5 days.  With these conditions, detoxification should be done slowly and passively so that tissue cleansing can occur and tissue inflammation is reduced. 

  • For children:
    • 75 pounds and greater - give ½ the dose (increase/decrease dosage as needed)
    • Under 75 pounds – give 1/3 the dose (increase/decrease dosage as needed)
  • Royal Tea is good for all ages.
  • This product cannot be consumed during pregnancy or while breast feeding.
  • Used tea bags can be saved, the tea herbs dried and added to food.

Some of the following may experienced while using Royal Tea:

Gas and cramping are symptoms of loosening of old mucus, bacteria, fungus and fecal waste off of the intestinal walls. This is a normal occurrence.

  • Slight cramping may occur and can last from 3 to 14 days. This is normal for intestinal rejuvenation and is caused by the gas produced during the cleansing of old mucus, fungus, viruses and bad bacteria. If extreme cramping occurs, decrease the amount of the tea taken, but do not stop the cleanse. This is due to the breakdown of scar tissue in the colon or flexure adhesions.
  • Loose stool is normal.
  • If the stool is watery, decrease the amount of tea taken, but do not stop the cleanse. You should maintain 2-3 bowel movements per day, slightly on the loose side but of good volume, NOT watery.
  • Your rectum may feel warm. This is due to the acidity that is being dumped from your tissues.
  • Feces that is extremely dark in color (black) is very old waste that is being expelled.
  • Weight loss will occur only if the body needs it. Royal Tea acts as a body balancer.

Maintenance Use:

Royal Tea should be used every day for reduced appearance of numerous chronic health conditions. The objective is to regulate bowel movements 2-3 times per day in order to keep the waste moving through the digestive tract for expulsion. This will inhibit any buildup and prolonged exposure of the digestive system to fecal waste and poisons.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! It will tell you when to make the Tea stronger. Adjust the amount of tea you consume each day to suit your body's needs, but also be sure to drink enough vitalized water daily. (Take your body weight in pounds. Divide that by 2. The resulting number is the amount in ounces of vitalized water that you should be consuming during the day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces.)

Again, when using Royal Tea make sure to eat a healthy diet. It should include plenty of fresh and raw salads and whole grains. As well, reduce or avoid animal proteins, dairy, bread, sugar and processed foods.


This product cannot be consumed during pregnancy or while breast feeding!

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