Roya Golesorkhi,

By: Roya Golesorkhi  09-12-2011

For decades Canada has been welcoming immigrants from all across the world - immigrants are the lifeblood of Canada's economy and future.

AT Golesorkhi & Associates:

  • We provide personalized and free assessment of your qualifications
  • Assist you to determine which Canadian immigration program is best suited for you based on your eligibility and professional skills
  • Review, all required documents and supporting evidence necessary for presenting a successful application.
  • Prepare and perfect each application meticulously in order to submit an application on your behalf to Canada Immigration
  • Monitor and oversee your application from start to finish
  • Interview preparation for clients should an interview be required
  • Provide updates on the status of your application
  • Prepare you for your arrival at a Canadian port of entry
  • Provide you with details of your Canadian Residency obligations
  • Advise you on Canadian Citizenship requirements

Becoming a permanent resident of Canada entitles you to live, work and study in Canada on a permanent basis. Permanent residency provides you with the same rights and freedoms enjoyed by all Canadians. Access to free Universal Health Care benefits, subsidized educational system, Unemployment Insurance benefits and the right to reside in any part of Canada are a few of these privileges. Persons who obtain permanent residence may apply for Canadian citizenship after living in Canada for a minimum of three years and a Canadian passport.

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