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By: Roxen  09-12-2011
Keywords: Print Publishing, Dtp Software, Publishing Workflow,

The whole print publishing workflow in Roxen Editorial Portal is completely web-based and revolutionary. Roxen Editorial Portal seamlessly integrates with DTP software such as Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress. Based on open web standards, it provides all the benefits that can be expected from a modern web-based editorial solution, including lowering costs and enabling true multi-channel publishing. More than 70 printed publications, newspapers and websites around the globe, including Metro International (Intl.), Shaw Newspapers (U.S.), Pagemasters (Aus) and Mediaplanet (Intl.), currently use Roxen Editorial Portal.

Keywords: Dtp Software, Print Publishing, Publishing Workflow,

Other products and services from Roxen


Roxen Internet Software – Professional Services

Highly skilled technical engineers bring extensive product knowledge and experience to our customers' projects directly from day one. Consulting and training offerings enable our customers to get started quickly with cost-effective and reliable solutions. Roxen Professional Services provides a wide range of services.


Roxen Internet Software – Mobile Apps

Our new publishing software for tablets and smartphones combines template-driven, automated publishing with a hybrid-app built on HTML5 technology that fully leverages the interactiveness of the platform and supports offline reading. Roxen Internet Software develops and offers a cost effective and visually attractive mobile integration solution.


Roxen Internet Software – Publishing Online

The design is customizable in terms of colors, fonts, logos, background images and background colors, which makes the look-and-feel unique after just a few setting adjustments.


Roxen Internet Software – Roxen Editorial Portal

Whether you are the Editor in Chief or the star reporter, you only need a web browser to plan and manage your publications and write and edit your content. Roxen Editorial Portal is a revolutionary product for news media companies. It is completely web-based andenabledtrue multi-channel publishing.


Roxen Internet Software – Roxen CMS

As a platform-independent product, Roxen CMS excels in its flexibility, extensibility and adherence to open standards such as XML and XSLT. It is a user-friendly product that greatly simplifies web publishing and administration tasks for the whole organization.


Roxen Internet Software – Videos

The shared web folders connection is necessary if you want to work with high-resolution images and layout driven editing from your InDesign client, but also enables you to easily upload text, images and InDesign layout files to the Editorial Portal server, also described in this video. The connection utilizes the web-standard WebDAV and HTTPS protocols, enabling you to connect securely from anywhere on the Internet, even without a VPN.