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By: Rowing Sponsor  09-12-2011
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Event Sponsorship

• Direct access to audience

There’s one thing you can count on when sponsoring an event – if you build it right, they will come. Aligning your business with rowing (and choosing the right events for your message) means you will break through – and reach the people you want. Rowing Sponsor puts you front and center of your target.

• Short-term Activation / Results are quick!

As common with many niche sports, aligning your message with an event gets you the full attention of a passionate, involved crowd. Quite often, a very fundamental message can go a long way and is relatively easy to initiate. Rowers are dynamic business-oriented people; as consumers, when presented with a product or service that appeals to them – they act!

• Nation-wide access to sport’s premier events

Our reach stretches from coast to coast. Whether you look to target an east coast crowd or a west coast organization, or everything and anything in between, through our network of events, we can develop strategic placement plans to help you reach your goals – and deliver results.

Mobile Marketing

• Highlight your product or service

Rowing regattas are great venues for mobile marketing tours. Between races one can be found tailgating, cheering on teammates, or shopping the vendor village. The very crowd you are trying to reach is right there at your fingertips searching for you. Mobile marketing tours have been vastly successful at these events, providing people a way to spend down time. Put your product or service out in front, with an inter-active mobile platform.

• Build personal connection with consumer

Face time, face time, face time! No commercial, no billboard, not even a half-time show can give you the kind of exposure felt from being right in the heart of the action. Interactive marketing campaigns are growing in popularity and our events provide ample space for most any mobile exhibit.

• Unique, interactive marketing opportunities

Rowing events pose new opportunities to get directly involved with consumers. There are pre-race receptions and dinners, post-parties, linked music events, and an infrastructure to implement virtually any type event. There are also unique hospitality opportunities to treat employees and clients or VIPs. Most events offer catered riverfront seating areas; some even team-building rowing lessons and corporate challenges. Opportunities also exist to use a historic boathouse for meetings and/or receptions. The possibilities are endless.

Member-Based Organizations

• Build affinity within rowing community

Rowers are passionate about rowing – take it from a rower - VERY passionate. Naturally, anyone and anything associated with the sport – their sport – is automatically accepted just check out a rower’s vehicle – stickers rule! Currently, there are a number of member associations founded on and run by this passion. Aligning with these organizations puts your product or service in the forefront of this affinity-based market.

• Market survey and demographic research

Pulling together individuals from around the country who share a common interest isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Affinity-based member organizations provide a platform upon which to appeal to these individuals as a group. With this in mind, member organizations provide a solid focus group to survey and develop research.

• Year-round exposure within growing market

Unlike events that typically take place the same time each year, a membership organization provides a platform to reach a community of individuals throughout the entire year. Outreach activities such as newsletters, renewal statements and such are routine and the individuals are not just targeted for a few days or weeks at a time.

Keywords: Marketing, Rowing, Sponsorship