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By: Route6x6  09-12-2011
Keywords: Racing, all terrain vehicle, Camel

Covers early ATTEX, CAMEL, TERRA TIGER and the REB. This is a collection of old video clips. NATVA Racing Part 1
National All Terrain Vehicle Assocation racing
from the early 1970's Motorcross style in the snow at a ski resort! And on the beach in Atlantic
City NJ. (I do not think we will ever see that again). Drag racing and jumping with Ice Trials
on the short course. Shows what performance some of the old machines had. Really neat! NATVA Racing Part 2
National All Terrain Vehicle Assocation racing
from the early 1970's. Shows the factory teams, with so many ATVs in a field that you can not really count them! Lots of mud action with jumping. This video contains the famous scene of the ATTEX doing wheelies in the pits.

This racing videos features ATTEXS, MAXS, ARGOS TERRA TIGERS, SIERRAS, AMPHICATS, CAMELS, SCRAMBLERS, JIGERS, STARCRAFTS, CHAPPERALS, COOTS and many more vehicles. This video follows Marc Stobinski around the racing season, he allowed ROUTE6x6 to present it to you.

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Approx. 70m running time. VHS format only. All 3 of the above videos are included on one tape.

Now available in DVD

Keywords: all terrain vehicle, Camel, Racing