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By: Rosalie Hamilton  09-12-2011
Keywords: Advertising, Professional Services, Outsourced Marketing

Whether you are a physician medical-legal expert, CPA/financial advisor, vocational rehabilitation counselor, forensic engineering expert, or other kind of expert, we can help you get more clients.  

Note: If you want to know how to become an expert witness, we can evaluate your potential and help you get started.  Call 214-774-9920 and ask for Rosalie Hamilton. 

As an expert witness, you have probably asked yourself one or more of the following questions: 

  • How do attorneys find and choose experts?
  • How can I promote my services without looking like a "hired gun" or "professional expert"?
  • Do I need a website?
  • How do I get attorneys to accept and pay my fees?
  • How can I create more word-of-mouth business and build credibility with prospects? 

Strategy - Three-hour analysis of your marketing and a consultation (slightly more time for firms than individuals). 

Review and analyze your current marketing, CV (for editing and bulletproofing), engagement documents and other materials including your website.  Evaluate your positioning with your competition and review your rates.  Critique your existing advertising. 

Give you recommendations, a personalized strategy, including ideas for the expression of your unique message, sometimes called branding or identity.  Advise whether/where to advertise, what works and what doesn’t.  Suggest networking and publicity actions.  Practical suggestions, specific steps you can take immediately to increase your visibility.  These recommendations are presented to you in a personal telephone consultation. 

Tactical services available to implement your marketing program.  

After having determined whether and where you should advertise, compose and place directory listings and/or advertising.  Often we maximize the value of a client’s existing advertising by revising content, indexes and keywords. 

Conduct publicity / public relations (PR)
campaigns. Research presentation and writing venues. 
Edit articles and speeches

Expert Communications provides professional services marketing specifically designed for expert witnesses.

Marketing Management - outsourced marketing department for firms or individuals. 

This enables you to focus on what you do best.  Clients contact us whenever they need marketing advice, whether a lot or a little.  In many instances we also handle administrative details such as annual advertising and directory listing renewals.  Clients benefit from not only our prompt availability, but also not having to hire an employee, with the attendant tax burden and benefit expenses.  If your firm has a business development director for your (non-legal) professional services, we can serve as a legal marketing-specific resource for her.   

I’m not good at marketing, and I don’t want to have to fool with it. 

Just handle it! 

—Civil Engineer Expert 

The Bottom Line: What values have we created for our clients? 

  • Enlarged their market share.
  • Enhanced their reputation.
  • Increased their business in order to support subordinate consultants.
  • Publicized a group/firm identity so the formerly solo-primary consultant can build an entity to sell.
  • Made their website work for them.
  • Reduced stress by locating and eliminating potential cross-examination vulnerability points in CV and other materials, website, and advertising.
  • Improved their bottom line by creating/improving engagement policies such as those regarding retainer requirements and contracts, and collection procedures.
  • Increased gross revenue by analyzing competitors’ rates and recommending appropriate fee increases.
  • Reduced their long-term advertising budget by eliminating advertising that is not cost-effective.
  • Got them interviewed on major media outlets by publicizing written articles.
  • Created more time for them to work on billable functions by handling administrative tasks such as choosing, composing and placing advertising and handling renewals.
  • Got an entire forensic engineering firm staff on-board by providing a one-day workshop on marketing and how each of them fit in the picture.

You are truly the ”expert to the experts.” Your professional service helped me realize that I needed marketing assistance to take my company to the next level. I would, without hesitation, recommend you to all professional consultants and expert witnesses, whether they practice on a regional or international basis.

—Construction Consultant

Keywords: Advertising, Outsourced Marketing, Professional Services, professional services marketing