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By: Rootwork  09-12-2011
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    Needless to say, this process will be different in each case. You might be looking for a website upgrade, so that non-technical staff can more easily keep it up to date. Perhaps you want to cultivate a vibrant online community around your group’s issues, giving your supporters the means to communicate with each other, organize events and actions, and attract people in their real-world and online social networks to the cause. Maybe you’re looking for additional ways to raise money online, or giving your supporters innovative ways to take action for a cause. Many organizations will be looking for some combination of each of these.

    In each case, Rootwork will be able to tailor a solution to your group’s goals, and build upon the strengths your staff and your supporters already have in organizing for social change.

    Websites your staff can use

    Rootwork has a long history of creating complex, dynamic websites that are easy to use by largely non-technical staff.

    We install and configure rich text editors on each site we build (see example, at right). Our system enables you to take complete control of your website and make changes yourself — without becoming a computer programmer. If your staff is familiar with Microsoft Word, they’ll have no trouble creating pages on your new website without having to enter a scrap of code, long after our work with you has ended. You won’t need to rely on technical staff just to post an update on your website.

    Rootwork can also design a site workflow system tailored to your organization. For instance, you might want interns or assistants to draft your blog posts or news updates, but require an editor to review the post and a department director to approve it before becoming publicly available.

The final stage of every site Rootwork builds involves creating ample documentation and videos for your staff to refer to as they learn to use the new site. Rootwork can also host an in-person training for your staff, or for one person from your organization who can then train other staff. The vast majority of your website, however, will be intuitively usable from the moment you sit down.

Rootwork is committed to building websites that are accessible to a diverse audience, including those with different abilities, limited Internet access and older computers.

Social change communities built on open-source communities

Rootwork develops sites in both Drupal and WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) used for many blogs and nonprofit sites. Other examples of CMSes include Drupal, Joomla! and Plone., two widely-used open-source content management systems. WordPress is an ideal solution for blogs and blog-oriented sites, while Rootwork looks to Drupal for most larger projects. Rootwork’s creative director, Ivan Boothe, founded the and has written and presented on .

Keywords: social networks

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I know when we began a couple of years ago, and were just sort of starting our outreach on Facebook is a social network encouraging real identity — each user has a single account under their full, real name. Facebook began among US college students but has quickly expanded to people of all ages around the world., we found there were already dozens of Facebook groups around the issue and working on these issues.


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The deadline is March 28.


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