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By: Root Movement  09-12-2011

Yamuna Body Logicâ„¢, developed over the past 18 years by Yamuna Zake, is a detailed, logical, and extraordinarily effective therapy for relieving pain and realigning the body. The key to the practice is the principle of "space making" whereby space is created in and around the joints and locked areas which allows the body to unfold and find its own balance.

Body Logic is a therapeutic system specializing in the treatment of structural problems, ranging from back and neck problems, (lower back problems, sciatica, scoliosis, nerve impingement, protruding and herniated discs), to specific joint injuries, or post surgical rehabilitation of (the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles), to very specific cranial-related problems (TMJ, migraine, headaches, etc). The theory and principles of Body Logic are simple; where there is pain, discomfort, or injury, exists compression, restriction or, as commonly termed in body logic "a lack of space".

Body Logic believes in the innate intelligence of the body.

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