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By: Root Cellars Rock  09-12-2011

Well, friends, I had planned to offer you a delightful round-up of what worked and what didn’t in my little downtown garden this year, but unfortunately the cable for my computer has vanished, and the extra cable I keep on hand for such emergencies has had both of its ends filled with play-dough. (Hey, guess what! I found the cord! We have photos!) I have an angry, teething toddler trying to get into my lap, so you’ll have to settle for a photo-less post in list form. Okay? Okay!

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Planting « Root Cellars Rock

My tomatoes are stretching toward the sun, my broad beans are blooming like crazy, and my snow peas are scrambling over one another to climb their repurposed-wicker-bookshelf trellis. Well, after complaining about the weather for the entire month of June, I’m here to complain about all the warmth and sunshine we’ve had so far in July. Bolting” is the term for what happens when a leafy plant. Bolted brassica bouquet: Chinese cabbage.


Preparing « Root Cellars Rock

All lined up in my pantry, they’re like luminous jewels, ensuring that, no matter what goes wrong in this world, I have something tasty to spread on my toast. There was a time when I didn’t consider anything less than an 6-pint batch of jam to be. I’ve said before that preserves make me feel rich.


Local Food Recipes « Root Cellars Rock

I was a strict vegetarian/vegan for my formative learning-to-cook-for-myself years, so cooking meat and fish is a big mystery to me at 27. As I started cooking cod fillets I found I really couldn’t fry it without ending up with a mush of fish. What I can do is bake a fillet of cod.