Roof Barrier Systems | preventative snow and ice retention system

By: Roof Barrier  09-12-2011
Keywords: roof, Ice

The Roof Barrier is a patented snow retention device which attaches below the edges of roof structure to prevent snow from sliding off the roof, causing damage to property and people below.

This is a unique design, alleviating the pressure from the roof top, itself, and placing the tension to the facia edges of the structure. It works to hold back sliding snow and ice. It is a safety parapet.

While most generic snow barriers nail or spike in through the roof surface, down into the subroof, which can be problematic, the nails extending into subroof may compromise the weather and water seal of the roof. Even with sealant materials in use, they tend to fail, allowing water to enter into the structure.

The Roof Barrier eliminates or, at least, alleviates the disadvantages and shortcomings of other systems. It holds the snow and ice on the roof while ensuring the roof is not damaged by the barrier, itself. It is reliable, simple and allows to reduce the material and labour costs.

Keywords: Ice, roof