Large Landscapes And Masterworks | Ron Mulvey

By: Ron Mulvey  09-12-2011

Ocean, sky, and tidal pools. Painted in the late summer with Acrylic on canvas. Artist’s Description of Painting: A lone boulder rendered in high realism holds the viewer and forces their return over and over as the eye travels through this West Coast landscape. Classical restraint in color avoids any color crashes that would jar [..]

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Watercolor Paintings For Sale | Ron Mulvey

This is a watercolor painting of the iconic Sombrio beach, a famous wilderness beach on Vancouver Island. This watercolor was painted at the top of Mount Doug in Victoria BC, looking down on Vancouver Island. The painting was done on a hot August day with bright blue ocean colors. Order online or browse other watercolors of Vancouver Island.


Thoughts On Landscape Painting | Ron Mulvey

We are small–but you can come for some organic coffee, juice, or a glass of wine and browse my collection of oils, watercolors, and acrylics. Includes advice on where to show your work, originality versus imitation, and learning from the old masters. There were at least four regular clients who purchased many of my studio works in oil and acrylic. Contemporary landscape artist Ron Mulvey shares 10 of the most common mistakes artists make.


Medium-sized Acrylic Paintings For Sale

If you look closely you can see spring board cuts visible on the old cedar stump, meaning that this giant tree was logged by hand. Landscape painting of Airy Creek, a small creek that runs direct down from the famous Frog Peak in the Slocan Valley. Loggers would cut a wedge out of the stump and insert a board.