Roll Form Group » Products: Custom Forming Overview

By: Roll Form Group  09-12-2011

Roll Form engineers and designers provide cooperative partnering with clients to maximize the advantages of the roll form process. Our advanced software and full service fabrication capabilities can provide not only near net shapes but can actually totally fabricate many products.

An example of the value-added service is our ability to manufacture a completely assembled welded machinery rack. Other manufacturers were unable to provide dimensional consistency in its overall configuration. Working with our design team and tooling experts, partnered with our customers engineers, the Roll Form Group were able to provide a total solution to design and fabricate parts with total success.

The result of these partnering projects is a superior product that represents a value added bonus for our customers and products that meet or exceed quality objectives.

We manufacture a number of rail car structural sections including the centre sill for this coal car.

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Roll Form Group » Products: Building Products Overview

We manufacture a wide range of standard and custom profiles for commercial, industrial, architectural and residential applications. Our 'Curved Clad' provides architects and designers the flexibility to incorporate sweeps and curves into the building envelope. The patented 'Curve Clad' can be manufactured to any radius to meet any architectural design criterion.


Roll Form Group » Products: Heavy Construction Products Overview

Heavy Construction products include highway guiderail systems, cold rolled sheet piling, hot rolled sheet piling, 'H' Pile, Pipe Pile, Hot Rolled Structurals, Pile Points and Tie Rods. Our patented 'Waterloo Barrier' is an environmental product with a sealable interlock designed to create a low permeable cut off wall.


Roll Form Group » Products: Overview

Our roll formed products supply virtually all major industries including industrial and residential building, architectural design applications, rail and road transport, automotive, recreational, agricultural, office furniture, mining and heavy construction such as seaport dry docks and highway guiderail systems. For over 35 years, we have served the rail transportation industry as an innovative supplier of custom made, one piece sections.