DynaVIs® Additive System for MEHF

By: Rohmax  09-12-2011

Many hydraulic fluids can claim superior antiwear performance, long fluid life, extended drain intervals and reliable performance. DynaVIs delivers all of this, plus improved pump efficiency, energy savings, lower operating temperatures and quicker air release.

Fluids formulated with DynaVIs® additive system provide OEMs and operators assurance that their specialty hydraulic fluid will deliver:

  • High pump efficiency for improved productivity
  • Energy savings to reduce operating costs
  • Extended equipment and fluid life
  • Performance exceeding major OEM requirements
  • A fluid meeting regional industry quality standards
  • Control of fluid overheating and additive depletion
  • Lower air entrainment and faster air release

The DynaVIs® Additive System was created by the lubrication technology experts at RohMax after extensive lab and field testing to identify antiwear/antioxidant/corrosion inhibition (AW/AO/CI) packages that consistently perform effectively in combination with VISCOPLEX® viscosity index improvers to formulate Maximum Efficiency Hydraulic Fluids.