By: Rogue Survival  09-12-2011
Keywords: Fly Fishing, Survival Training

 Are you interested in outdoor adventure, but lack the skill to hike, camp and fish safely in the bush?

  Do you regularly fly or sail through isolated locations and want the skills to survive should something unexpected happen?

 Do you want to explore beautiful alpine meadows, traverse breathtaking mountain passes, and trek through BC, but lack basic bush survival training?

 Do you want excellent instruction on the science of Fly Fishing in a natural setting in the presence of world class trout and salmon runs?

 Do you want to empower yourself, loved ones or coworkers in Canadian wilderness survival techniques and skills enabling then to make the right decisions when in a survival situation?

Whether you want to join one of our organized programs or choose your own adventure on your schedule,

 Rogue survival training is here for you.

We also offer SAR-guided wilderness kayak/canoe trips in local lakes and rivers that focus on many aspects of fly fishing as well as survival/bush craft skills.  These trips vary in length and experience levels as well as areas of study.  We are available for custom kayak/canoe/fishing trips as well and can design specific trips for certain groups. Conrad teaches classes both for Rogue Survival Training and through various organizations, for all ages.  Some workshops have focus on Wilderness Survival, Survival Psychology, The Hug a Tree Program, wilderness first-aid, navigation, and post airplane crash survival pattern. Conrad has also lectured for Scouts Canada, Air, Sea and Army Cadets, Veteran Affairs, Canadian Owners and Pilots Association, Various flying Clubs and the Victoria Police Dept. Emergency Response Team.

Keywords: Fly Fishing, Survival Training