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By: Roger Fields  09-12-2011
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There is only ONE traditional Thanksgiving song. It was a Thanksgiving song by Lydia Maria Child. Written originally as a poem, it appeared in her Flowers for Children, Volume 2, in 1844. The title of the poem is, “A Boy’s Thanksgiving Day”. It celebrates her childhood memories of visiting her Grandfather’s house. Lydia Maria Child [..]

A chronic complaint among kidmin is that we aren’t taken seriously enough. Often we have lamented the fact that we are treated as child care providers rather than ministers. Well, here’s an opportunity to be a ministry, to stand up on a cultural issue that strikes at the very heart of children’s well-being in this [..]

We are excited/thrilled/pumped to be a sponsor of the Children’s Pastors’ Conference this year. Kidz Blitz will be in both Orlando and San Diego. Michael Chanley, new INCM Director, is positioning CPC to be a more relevant resource to children/family ministries. I am thrilled with his leadership of these conferences and honored to be a [..]

Katie Davis went to Uganda and legally adopted 13 girls. Then started a super-cool ministry allowing people to sponsor kids there. Did I mention she was 18 when she started reaching out to Uganda?  Have you heard this story before? I hadn’t either. It’s one of the stories on our new web site, Rog Report. [..]

There’s more to God than we can fathom. We have not yet figured Him out. He is bigger than our doctrines, bigger than our plans, bigger than our songs. You only have to consider the universe, the earth and seas to realize His vastness defies comprehension. The greatest disservice in ministry we can do is [..]

I love that phrase: “A loving culture of redemption.” I don’t know of any better way to sum up a description of what the church is called to be. I have visited hundreds of churches in every denomination, every demographic, every economic level. Churches have a tendency to polarize to one side of the other. [..]

A “Crowd Show” is a show that involves the crowd in ways they don’t normally get involved. It is a show in the sense that you do watch something happen on the stage, but it is more. Crowd Shows turn spectators into participants.

It is interesting to me how Jesus handled the Devil when he tempted Him. The temptations were real, otherwise they would not have been, well, temptations. They did apparently require a strategy. Jesus could have dealt with the Devil many ways He chose one way. He did something that is sometimes considered old school today. [..]

Much of life can be summed up by asking ONE question: Is your windshield BIGGER than your rear view mirror? Are you sure? Too many people–without realizing it–allow their rear view mirror to grow bigger than their windshield. When that happens all the past hurts/disappointments/failures get big and possibilities in front look small. When your [..]

And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy. (Colossians 1:18) Ministry is about connecting with people and leading them into a vibrant relationship with Jesus. Simply put, the Christian faith is about Jesus. [..]

People are attracted to people who make them feel good about themselves. Maybe it shouldn’t work that way, but it does. Maybe we should be attracted to people who can make us better. Maybe we should be attracted to people who can accurately help us pinpoint weaknesses in our own lives. But we aren’t. We [..]

Do you know the 7 things that will conspire to crush your heart for Children’s Ministry? Here they are in no particular order. Unsupportive Pastor Disinterested Congregation Low/No Budget Lame Facility Unpaid Position Rowdy Kids Undependable Workers So what? Most of us have experienced at least half of these heart crushers. Laugh at their feeble [..]

Ministry is ultimately about influence. How do you influence people for God? How do you shape an effective ministry? Or to put it more bluntly, how do you get people to listen to you? The great distinctive in modern ministry is the little fact that people don’t believe anything you say anymore. Nothing. They have [..]

Goal setting causes missed opportunities. This is the mistake train companies made years ago. They had goals: build more trains; lay more tracks; increase passengers by x percent. When the Wright boys invented a whole new way of getting from A to B, the train companies still had their heads down, laying more tracks. Consequently, [..]

It seems like there are more atheists today than there used to be. I’m not one of them. Here are some reasons why. Not convincing. By definition an atheist is someone who believes there is no god out there anywhere. Scientists do not even know yet what is at the bottom of our own deepest [..]

Timidity is the cancer of modern ministry. Ministers are allowing fear to guide their dialog and actions. Understandably, churches/ministries are hesitant to do, or say, anything outside of what has become culturally acceptable. The climate that is becoming increasingly hostile toward Christianity and we all feel that. We can talk about love, acceptance, diversity, social [..]

Way-Back Wednesday Pulled an old article of the shelves today. Dusted it off and here it is. Wrote it back in 2003-ish. It’s been on my mind lately. What do you think? Your Bible story is like an orange. You can hand it off to a kid and expect him to tear into it and [..]

1. Grasp the power of a single idea. Always be on the lookout for a better way of doing things. 2. Be a sponge. Observe everything. Look at colors, shapes, ideas, etc. Read interesting books. Never stop learning. Relish the fact that there are always cool ideas to learn. Read something that will kick your [..]

If you want to do something remarkable you have to be willing to risk failure. You can talk and plan, talk and plan, talk and plan. Eventually you just have to try. Your idea will probably fail. That’s OK. Make the adjustment and go at it again. Formula? Test fast; fail fast; adjust fast. You [..]

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–the fallacy of trying to change the world– Everything I need to know about ministry I learned while hunting prairie chickens. Okay, that is a stretch but…I did learn a significant lesson. We are not called to change society; we are called to convert individuals. Changing society is a worthy endeavor, just not worthy enough. [..]

Christianity is not about good and evil, but about life and death. Jesus did not come to make us good but to make us alive. The difference between a believer and a non-believer is not that the believer does good things and the non-believer does bad things. The prime difference is that the believer is [..]

The primary issue facing KidMin is defining what it is and is not, then shaping it accordingly. Perceptions of adult ministry are predictable. People expect preaching, teaching, counseling, weddings, funerals, music, fellowship and an annual picnic. In contrast, children’s ministry prompts a variety of expectations. Other than take-home papers and a summertime VBS, most people-even [..]

Children’s ministry has long suffered from the Rodney Dangerfield Syndrome of “I don’t get no respect.” Partially that is because churches, and often lead pastors, don’t understand the nature of what it means to build a spiritual foundation in kids. But we are also to blame. Sometimes, we conduct ourselves, and our ministries, in ways [..]

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It is easier for God to steer a moving vessel than for Him to start-up a stationary one. Rarely does one hear the voice of God by sitting on a rock waiting for Him to speak. Start doing something and God will direct you. Why? How does this work? It is easier to hear “no” [..]

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