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By: Roger Fields  09-12-2011

Long term goal setting is the best way to miss open doors. I don’t set long term goals. They say I should, but I don’t. Not because I am lazy, but because I flat out don’t believe in setting long term goals. Someone recently asked me, “Roger, where do you see yourself in five years?” [..]

Recorded at a monastery in Ontario, Roger explains that he has sworn to not bathe or shave until he has completed his tell-all book, The Kidz Blitz Story.

This is the monastery in London, Ontario where I am currently hidden away to complete writing The Kidz Blitz Story. Not actually sure if anyone will be interested in reading it, but I am enjoying writing the story. Amazed by all that has happened since Kidz Blitz started 15 years ago. I hope the book [..]

I’m staying at a monastery in London, Ontario this week to finish my book.It is beautiful here. For years people have asked me to write the Kidz Blitz story and for years I have been working on it. A little here a little there. Well, no more delays. The jig is up. I can no [..]

We purchased an unfinished building on 11 acres of prime real estate in Tampa, Florida. It was to be our new church facility. The building, started 17 years earlier, was about 70 percent completed. We had four months to complete the facility and move in. I was an associate pastor of staff.

Summers are automatic; happy summers take a little effort. Revealed for the first time, here are my secrets. You’ll thank me for this in July. Make sure your house/home AC is charged with freon or whatever stuff makes it cold and is currently environmentally approved. Eat watermelon as often as possible. Yes, you will have [..]

As a sophomore in Bible college I was cool, shy but cool. Sauntering into the cafeteria in the dead of winter, I scoped out the room and made my way to the food line. Filling my tray with anything that looked remotely edible, I moved to the condiment table. Wearing a heavy winter coat with [..]

Was life/ministry ever supposed to be this hard? Really? I hear speakers/ministers/evangelists talk like following Jesus is the hardest thing since man landed on the moon. Sometimes I make ministry harder than it needs to be. Sometimes I make life harder than it needs to be. This scripture always (as in every time) blows me [..]

Top 5 Epitaphs I Don’t Want When something was broke, he fixed it He would have done some really cool stuff but his pastor wouldn’t let him He had good values He was a team player He made money Top 5 Epitaphs I Could Live (die) With He knew God He made things happen He [..]

I am sure if I thought more about it could come up with more. These readily come to mind. 1. I put a kleptomaniac on the church board. I pastored the church and helped get Tom the Klepto on our church board thinking that he had grown past stealing. I was wrong. He never stole [..]

I love that phrase: “A loving culture of redemption.” I don’t know of any better way to sum up a description of what the church is called to be. I have visited hundreds of churches in every denomination, every demographic, every economic level. Churches have a tendency to polarize to one side of the other. [..]

I realize that the Bible does not take a hard stand on drinking alcohol. And I know that in today’s Christian culture social drinking is accepted/expected. Hip/cool Christians drink. (Yeah.) And yes, I realize being a follower of Christ involves more than a beverage choice. Well, I am a bit of an old fashioned, stick-in-the-mud, [..]

People are attracted to people who make them feel good about themselves. Maybe it shouldn’t work that way, but it does. Maybe we should be attracted to people who can make us better. Maybe we should be attracted to people who can accurately help us pinpoint weaknesses in our own lives. But we aren’t. We [..]

I have surgery tomorrow. At 7:00 am EST I enter the Kentucky Surgery Center to have a procedure that I will not name. That’s right. I am not telling what they are doing. I am calling it the Procedure-That-Will-Go-Unnamed. But rest assured if this works like it is supposed to work, I will come back with [..]

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to Jenny Funderburke for the article she wrote yesterday about…can you believe it…ME! Kinder words have never been said. Just so you know, I’ve sent a copy out to everyone I know: mom, dad, wife, kids, neighbors…Chuck at the gym, Betty the mailperson, Jim the grocery bagger… Seriously, [..]

Hey, got some really cool news yesterday! I thought I’d share it with all my blogger friends out there. “The Calling” is an article I wrote back in ’98 in hopes of encouraging other Children’s Pastors like myself. After a series of transitions that took me ultimately from Senior Pastor to “temporary” Children’s Pastor, I [..]

Last Saturday night I dusted off my Hart Schaffner Marx suit and joined my politically active daughter, Mica, at Ten Lakes Farm in Versailles, Kentucky. There we socialized with the political elite of Kentucky. In the tradition of Kentucky horse farms the home and the farm were both spectacular. Mix that with some extremely wealthy [..]

It turns out that the melting pot culture of Florida is somewhat different than the slow paced culture of eastern Kentucky. Who knew? In 1982 I planted a church in Morehead, Kentucky where I served as lead pastor for seven years. Then, in 1989 I moved to Tampa and planted a church from scratch/nothing. I [..]

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If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less. (Gen. Eric Shinseki) If you refuse to change, you will slowly become ineffective at whatever you do. When you drift into ineffectiveness you will wake up one day to realize that you have become irrelevant. When you become irrelevant nobody cares what you [..]

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When the Wright boys invented a whole new way of getting from A to B, the train companies still had their heads down, laying more tracks. Unsupportive Pastor Disinterested Congregation Low/No Budget Lame Facility Unpaid Position Rowdy Kids Undependable Workers So what. I have visited hundreds of churches in every denomination, every demographic, every economic level.


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With about ten locations in America, and a few abroad, Camp Quest is designed to promote skepticism, free-thinking and atheism to kids 8-17. Kidz Blitz events have been the most sought-after, successful kidmin/fammin events for most of the fifteen years since it began. In Boys Adrift by Dr. Leonard Sax, the author examines why boys are becoming so demotivated in today’s society.


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I did the whole Lead Pastor thing for 16 years, complete with heavy starched shirts that would stand up by themselves and a big chair on the platform. When my wife, Tammie, and I started this ministry, I had no idea it would grow as fast as it did or last as long as it has. So in our naive attempt to describe the interactive nature of KBL we said it was a “Nickelodeon-style” event.


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If your version of Jesus is one of a Jewish peasant wearing a middle eastern robe and sandals, you might want to upgrade to Jesus 2.0. Today, on, Greg Baird is talking about what really matters in children’s ministry, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If there was a Fretters Anonymous, most children’s pastors would have to put down their puppets and sign up.