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By: Roger Fields  09-12-2011

This month Kidz Blitz Ministries is 15 years old, and it’s been quite a ride. When my wife, Tammie, and I started this ministry, I had no idea it would grow as fast as it did or last as long as it has. I am amazed and humbled. I know deep down it is not [..]

We are excited/thrilled/pumped to be a sponsor of the Children’s Pastors’ Conference this year. Kidz Blitz will be in both Orlando and San Diego. Michael Chanley, new INCM Director, is positioning CPC to be a more relevant resource to children/family ministries. I am thrilled with his leadership of these conferences and honored to be a [..]

A “Crowd Show” is a show that involves the crowd in ways they don’t normally get involved. It is a show in the sense that you do watch something happen on the stage, but it is more. Crowd Shows turn spectators into participants.

Kidz Blitz may be subject to new, unfair tax! Mayor Jim Suttle of Omaha, NE is trying to figure out how to pay for 1.7 billion dollars of sewer improvements. On Tuesday, he went to Washington and proposed a ten cent tax on every roll of toilet paper. What? Julia Plucker, a lobbyist for Kellogg’s, [..]

Children’s Ministry Expo OK, I know I’m not an impartial bystander for CMX. Kidz Blitz sponsors this event. So I am biased. But I do love it. Here are some reasons why. I like… 1. Seeing a lot of new resources I didn’t know much about. Some of them I didn’t even know existed until [..]

Big City Studio Bible Curriculum is designed to foster participation from kids and workers. Many churches have used it successfully to involve teenagers. Here are some ideas to help your teenagers serve in children’s ministry during weekend services. 1. Use teenagers to play the characters in the skits. Joe Nitro, the Christian stuntman, is well [..]

Take a look at the new Smoke Ring Cannon from Kidz Blitz. We use this in the pre-service show before Kidz Blitz Live and FX Live. It’s great for warming up the crowd before the event. Thanks to the boys in KB Lab B for this new innovation! For more info about Kidz Blitz Live [..]

10 Reasons to use Big City Studio by Kidz Blitz… Teaches BIG TRUTH Bible principles that inspire kids. Uses teaching techniques that involve kids. Customizable to fit your needs. Reproducible for any teacher/worker in your church. Best games ever! Easy skits that illustrate the lesson. (Just ask Joe Nitro, Heather DeShay and Haywood.) Cool handouts. [..]

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Greg Baird, the man behind KidMin360, is joining Kidz Blitz as a director to lead events on the west coast. I am excited about having Greg as a Kidz Blitz director.   Beginning on Easter 2011, Greg will lead Kidz Blitz Live in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. You can now book Kidz Blitz [..]

I did it BACKWARDS. I started as a Lead Pastor and worked my way UP to Children’s Pastor. I did the whole Lead Pastor thing for 16 years, complete with heavy starched shirts that would stand up by themselves and a big chair on the platform. My church in Florida was merged/absorbed by a big [..]

When we started Kidz Blitz Live in 1996 there was no good way to explain this event. So in our naive attempt to describe the interactive nature of KBL we said it was a “Nickelodeon-style” event. We put that on the web and on some of the early posters. Even though KBL is quite distinct [..]

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When the Wright boys invented a whole new way of getting from A to B, the train companies still had their heads down, laying more tracks. Unsupportive Pastor Disinterested Congregation Low/No Budget Lame Facility Unpaid Position Rowdy Kids Undependable Workers So what. I have visited hundreds of churches in every denomination, every demographic, every economic level.


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With about ten locations in America, and a few abroad, Camp Quest is designed to promote skepticism, free-thinking and atheism to kids 8-17. Kidz Blitz events have been the most sought-after, successful kidmin/fammin events for most of the fifteen years since it began. In Boys Adrift by Dr. Leonard Sax, the author examines why boys are becoming so demotivated in today’s society.


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If your version of Jesus is one of a Jewish peasant wearing a middle eastern robe and sandals, you might want to upgrade to Jesus 2.0. Today, on, Greg Baird is talking about what really matters in children’s ministry, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If there was a Fretters Anonymous, most children’s pastors would have to put down their puppets and sign up.


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Recorded at a monastery in Ontario, Roger explains that he has sworn to not bathe or shave until he has completed his tell-all book, The Kidz Blitz Story. Last Saturday night I dusted off my Hart Schaffner Marx suit and joined my politically active daughter, Mica, at Ten Lakes Farm in Versailles, Kentucky. I put a kleptomaniac on the church board. I was an associate pastor of staff.