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By: Roger Fields  09-12-2011
Keywords: Rear View Mirror

Forget change. God is not going to change your life. He is not interested in changing your life. Your life will never change. Never. But…but…but…I thought that’s what ministry is all about. Nope. Let me tell you a story. My Old 1964 Volkswagen Beetle A long time ago—when 8 track tapes ruled the music industry [..]

Sometimes we forget that the Word of God is not only truth, it is spiritual food. We need it not only to guide our faith/doctrine but to sustain us. It is easy to neglect reading the Bible because we get lulled into thinking of it as a divine manual rather than daily sustenance. If all [..]

If your version of Jesus is one of a Jewish peasant wearing a middle eastern robe and sandals, you might want to upgrade to Jesus 2.0. True, He lived, died and was buried as a Jewish man. The Son of God took on human flesh (Philippians 2:7-8). That is historically true and foundational to our [..]

Much of life can be summed up by asking ONE question: Is your windshield BIGGER than your rear view mirror? Are you sure? Too many people–without realizing it–allow their rear view mirror to grow bigger than their windshield. When that happens all the past hurts/disappointments/failures get big and possibilities in front look small. When your [..]

My ministerial life has been a journey to discover and acquire everything from God that is real without getting anything that isn’t real. For me to believe/do/teach something, I have two rules: First, I have to see it in the Bible for myself. Second, it has to have the potential of impacting real life. That [..]

Think back to when you were a child Your soul was free, your heart ran wild Each day was different and life was a thrill You knew tomorrow would be better still Things have changed, you’re much older now You’re unhappy and you don’t know how Why don’t you look into Jesus, He’s got the [..]

The problem with virtues/values is that they don’t inspire/motivate. Everyone needs strong moral convictions, but it’s just hard to get kids/adults jazzed about: kindness, forgiving others, purity, thankfulness, etc. Don’t agree? Try to find an inspiring figure in the Bible or in history who started a movement based solely on personal values. You will have [..]

Today, on, Greg Baird is talking about what really matters in children’s ministry, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Check it out. He ‘s right on.

Ok, it’s time to get down to the truth. How many of you out there have a swagger wagon of your own (specific brand not necessary)? No worries. Now you’re cooler than you thought.

There is some scientific reasoning that supports the Red Sea parting that allowed Moses to lead the people. I personally believe God did with or without the help of a strong wind but the article is interesting. Wind Possibly Parted the Red Sea

This is what I use to keep my focus. from the bottom up… *TEACH THE WORD OF GOD – God’s word produces faith. Make principles from the Bible the center piece of your teaching. * NEVER STOP LEARNING – Never become complacent with what you know. * GET KIDS INVOLVED – Kids learn best by [..]

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It is hard to be both a minister …AND a Christian! WHY?… 1. It is easy (as in really EZ) for ministers to get so deep into serving God we neglect/starve our own relationship with the Lord. Ministry becomes a distraction/barrier from our own relationship with God. Slow down! Take a breath! Pray! Read the [..]

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It is easier for God to steer a moving vessel than for Him to start-up a stationary one. Rarely does one hear the voice of God by sitting on a rock waiting for Him to speak. Start doing something and God will direct you. Why? How does this work? It is easier to hear “no” [..]

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Hi, my name is Roger. I am a fretter. I have been fret-free now for ninety days. If there was a Fretters Anonymous, most children’s pastors would have to put down their puppets and sign up. Most of us are chronic fretters. We see evil gaining momentum in the world. We know the kids we [..]

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Keywords: Rear View Mirror

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When the Wright boys invented a whole new way of getting from A to B, the train companies still had their heads down, laying more tracks. Unsupportive Pastor Disinterested Congregation Low/No Budget Lame Facility Unpaid Position Rowdy Kids Undependable Workers So what. I have visited hundreds of churches in every denomination, every demographic, every economic level.


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With about ten locations in America, and a few abroad, Camp Quest is designed to promote skepticism, free-thinking and atheism to kids 8-17. Kidz Blitz events have been the most sought-after, successful kidmin/fammin events for most of the fifteen years since it began. In Boys Adrift by Dr. Leonard Sax, the author examines why boys are becoming so demotivated in today’s society.


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I did the whole Lead Pastor thing for 16 years, complete with heavy starched shirts that would stand up by themselves and a big chair on the platform. When my wife, Tammie, and I started this ministry, I had no idea it would grow as fast as it did or last as long as it has. So in our naive attempt to describe the interactive nature of KBL we said it was a “Nickelodeon-style” event.


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Recorded at a monastery in Ontario, Roger explains that he has sworn to not bathe or shave until he has completed his tell-all book, The Kidz Blitz Story. Last Saturday night I dusted off my Hart Schaffner Marx suit and joined my politically active daughter, Mica, at Ten Lakes Farm in Versailles, Kentucky. I put a kleptomaniac on the church board. I was an associate pastor of staff.