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By: Rocky Top Leather  09-12-2011

          Mens Cowboy Boot Information and Buying Tips.         

Do you know the parts that make up a cowboy boot? There are quite a few, with some of the most asked about covered here. We want to make it easier for you to understand the descriptive lingo we use. Knowing these terms will help you choose the right boot for the right job.

Toe box : is a piece of material residing in the boot toe that offers protection and also reinforces the boots toe shape.

Upper or Vamp : encases the foot starting at the sole upwards and surrounding the foot.

Saddle :  an extra cover or layer on the vamp of the boot to help keep boot stretch at a minimum in the arch of the foot.

Shaft : the part of the cowboy boot covering the calf. This can be made of many different materials and also have many shapes and heights.

Boot tabs :  found at the left and right sides of the boot shafts. These leather pieces are stitched onto the shafts and allow the boot to be pulled onto the foot.

Heel Rand or Spur ridges : these are extensions on the sole and heel past the outside of the boot to allow spur attachment.

Insoles or Foot-bed : these are what your feet stand on inside the boot. They can be brand name or special and are commonly made of many different materials, man-made or natural.

Soles or Out-soles

:  The bottom of the boots, or the part of the boot that touches the ground. These can be made of many different materials like leather, rubber, foam, cork, and even plastic.

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